What is the Great Plan?

Did you feel powerless when you heard about animals tortured or whales on the brink of extinction? Or when they talk about the growth of the hole in the ozone layer caused by our own irresponsibility? Did you feel that you were only a small point, although it would be good to actually do something?

I have been talking about the importance of the protection of the environment for years as a student journalist, but I realized that there is a need for a bigger effect. In 2005 I started the Big Plan Youth Movement for the Protection of the Environment and Nature.

What is this?

The world devastated, whales on the brink of extinction, ozone hole. Everyone associates to these things first when talking about the protection of the environment, and after this: how can I save the world from the fifth floor? Well, from this perspective I really can't do a lot.

Let's change the perspective then. What is the environment? Everything, that surrounds us. Therefore you influence it with every single thing you do. One of the bases of environmental consciousness is that if I do something good, and so do You and so does him, then we did something good together. That is everyone is responsible for the world personally. The one who accepts the bad is responsible if it gets worse. Action is needed, here and now, big comes from many small!

The World is what You make it!


If you are green in your soul even a bit,

If you are interested in the Earth even a bit,

If it is important what world we leave behind,

If you want to get hold of your future,