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Google has made the switch from google pages to google sites and with the different format, well, everything is screwed up.  We're now in the process of building another website and this one will be phased out when the other one becomes fully functional.  The new site has a LOT more content and should prove itself to be a valuable resource to members and the public alike. 

Please excuse the confusion and the mess while we are making the switch!

-Tony & Julie


This site will undergo constant changes in attempt to keep up
with the events and activities of the Club, so check back
often for the latest updates:

12-03 - Added link to redirect visitors to thegpbc.com
12-01 - Ended maintenance on this site to concentrate on the new one
10-07 - Added October Newsletter to Member's Page
10-06 - Updated Calendar Page
09-27 - Added HAH Huff 'n Puff Special Edition
08-31 - Updated Club Flight results on Member's Page
 08-26 - Added September Newsletter to Member's Page
08-26 - Updated Calendar Page
07-01 - Added July Newsletter to Member's Page
07-01 - Updated Calendar Page
06-14 - Added Club Flight rules to Member's Page
06-14 - Added MOTY rules to Member's Page
06-01 - Added June Newsletter to Member's Page
04-27 - Added May Newsletter to Member's Page
03-26 - Added April Newsletter to Member's Page
03-18 - Updated Member's Page
03-18 - Updated Links Page
If you find any errors or would like to make any comments, suggestions, or contributions, please email GreatPlainsBalloonClub@gmail.com