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  1. Rationale for Seeking Specialization in a Clinical Counseling Related Program:

Clinical Licensed Counseling


Counseling Studies


Career Goals

Reasons for Counseling


  1. Impact of Previous Employment, Volunteer Work, and Other Human Service or Counseling Experiences:

Employment (and / or) Volunteering

Leading to Pursuit

Of the

Counseling Degree

  1. Culturally Relevant Interpersonal Skills:

Ability to Relate to Other

Cultures in Life


(e.g.: Age, Disability, Ethnicity, Gender, Religion, and Sexual Orientation) Socioeconomic Status

Importance of Cultural Interpersonal

Skills as a Counselor

Future Steps (at least 2) to Develop

Cultural Interpersonal Skills

  1. Self – awareness:

Life Experiences Developing

Self – awareness

Reasons for Pursuing Counseling


Goals that Influence Career

In Counseling          

Characteristics in Life

Influencing Counseling Strengths 

Relevant to the Counseling


Ex.: Self – awareness, Emotional Stability

Readiness to Undertake


Counseling Degree

  1. Future Professional Goals in Counseling:

Specific Career Goals

Licensing Requirements Needed (Why?)

In New York State

Rationale for Seeking Specialization in a Clinical Counseling Related Program:

To begin with a discussion of one’s rationale to seek specialization of a clinical counseling masters degree one would have to reflect into the areas of life, first with oneself, one’s family, and as well one’s friends, and even one’s society. We all are human and live in an environment as a matter of consequence mostly where people problems in life are given little concern. The job of an authorized licensed counselor is to help evaluate consider the affect resulting from an issue, assess or diagnose the extent of affect by criteria, ameliorate which is to improve one to get better or treat the condition one may be having for need of help. This is why those who may be or have been affected similarly go into clinical licensed counseling, with such studies that benefit one and others to learn to become adequately better in coping with a situation [Office of the Professions (2011). Mental health counseling license requirements. Retrieved September 13, 2011, from].

Impact of Previous Employment, Volunteer Work, and Other Human Service or Counseling Experiences:

      In light of seeing the circumstances by which others suffer by experience in having volunteered in quite a few hospitals, such as New York’s North General, and Columbia Presbyterian one here has seen unbearable dilemmas of others. With being the witness and the subject oneself of like conditions in one’s life these types of issues and their resolution as only a counselor would know has lead on to be in pursuit of a counseling degree.

Culturally Relevant Interpersonal Skills:

      As a counselor aware that people come from various walks of life having issues, and problems of concern, no matter whether they be affected by disability, sexual orientation, age, gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs, or even socioeconomic status it has been personally relevant being around others to be interpersonally sensitive. Seeing

oneself in the diversity of life with experiences it is ethically, morally, and consequentially important to one to follow the establishment of standardized protocol even in seeking to be a counselor to respect and have interpersonal cultural skills as defined by the ACA code of ethics [Capella University (2011). Clinical counseling programs: Admission instructions. Retrieved September 13, 2011, from; - Herlihy, B., & Gerald, C. (2006). Aca ethical standards casebook. Alexandria, Va.: American Counseling Association.].

      In regard to future steps, personally one will be able to develop in the area of cultural interpersonal skills by means of his affiliation to one an International Government where one has a responsibility in. This Government is known as the Moorish American National Government which is one significant entity which is worldwide, therefore it allots to having to deal with others on many basis, especially regarding the necessary development of cultural interpersonal skills where here it is needed.

      Second as a part of an International Honorary Society for Academics and Counseling in relating to many other students from various parts of the world, with diverse lifestyles, and living areas, tastes, likes, languages, opinions, heritages, beliefs, and so forth, these locals and circumstances will most definitely lend to cultural development in one’s future personally.

Self – awareness:

      Having been one personally to have had experiences of and relating to others in similar situations involving issues of dilemma, these conditions it is felt has caused one to reflect personally inwardly. These self – evaluations instead of being an area of panic and despair has shown and taught one discipline, patience, diligence, and compassion to relate to others. These areas of life have given strength to one to overlook, and overcome some of the worst of situations in life and to want to help others in similar circumstances. It is the ability to work through these conditions not wanting to see others suffer, but reach their God – given potential that is a personal belief. For this reason to be able, to resolve concerns that creates the sentiment and passion to want to pursue an education in counseling. Already one knows both ease and difficulty along with reciprocal rewards that causes one to have the strength and initiative to want to pursue the Mental Health Counseling Specialization degree.

Future Professional Goals in Counseling:

      Looking towards one’s personal goals in counseling toward the future, one would want to be in the best possible situation with a license to be able to render care to others with an insight, knowledge, and consciousness as to what is needed to help someone. It is this personal awareness of self and others based on experience with what it entails that causes one to have special insight of needing the specialized degree from Capella.