Welcome to our Great Lakes Pierogies

- formerly known as Pierogie's by Longways


Our Pierogies are locally made in Western Michigan are located in your store's freezer section.

Great Lakes Pierogies are made with fresh local ingredients. These half circular dumplings of unleavened dough are stuffed with a potato base and a wide variety of mouth watering flavors!  CHEDDAR CHEESE, SOUR CREAM, GREEN ONION, JALAPENIO - to name a few.  Our dessert versions of these decadent dumplings are stuffed with fresh fruit fillings.  So, depending upon your personal preference we are sure you will find a favorite!

Like a Pot Pie or Pasty, our Pierogies are not precooked, they remain frozen until you are ready to cook them. They make delicious appetizers, meals or side dish.  Check out Serving Suggestions to find tasty ways to serve them up.