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Places: Portage Lake, Michigan

We had an unplanned stop in Portage Lake in August 2007. After leaving Manistee we realized Lake Michigan was becoming too rough for us. We ducked into Portage Lake, which is only about eight miles north of Manistee. We spent the remainder of the day (and night) relaxing at the Portage Point Inn.

There was only one slot available at the end of the Portage Point Inn's dock that was large enough for Meridian. Even though it had no electricity or water, we felt lucky to get it after our experience out on the lake.

The lobby of the Portage Point Inn is nice and cozy, with comfortable seating, a fireplace and old photographs on the wall. There is also a very nice restaurant there. We spent part of the evening in the lobby enjoying a pizza and using their wireless internet that is free for guests. While there, we noticed this old photograph of a passenger steamship docked in virtually the same spot as Meridian.

Upon leaving Portage Lake - we didn't leave until verifying Lake Michigan was nice and peaceful - our next stop was Leland, Michigan.



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Portage Lake

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The Portage Point Inn was an unexpected (and very enjoyable) refuge.