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We were at the Petoskey Municipal Marina for a full week in September 2007. The rough lake kept us in the harbor and one night a really bad storm damaged a number of boats in the marina, even sinking one. In general, though, the only boats that were damaged were the one's who's owners hadn't been around for a while to check and secure lines. Those of us who were there came out unscathed.

Petoskey was a great town that kept us busy all week with plenty to see and do. The marina has an expansive view that looks out over Little Traverse Bay and into Lake Michigan. From the marina, we saw beautiful sunsets virtually every night and more rainbows in one week's span of time than we normally see in a year. Sometimes, looking out over Little Traverse Bay, we could see three rainbows at once! While the marina may lack a bit in protection from the weather, it definitely makes up for it with the view.

Petoskey is centrally located along the Little Traverse Wheelway, about halfway between Harbor Springs and Charlevoix. It's a good spot to bring bicycles. While in Petoskey we rode over to Harbor Springs a number of times - once even riding all the way up to Cross Village and back. But Petoskey itself is one of the highlights of the Little Traverse Wheelway. They have opened up much of the waterfront as Bayfront Park and it's a nice area - streams, waterfalls, ponds, open areas, museums, etc.

We stopped at the Little Traverse History Museum in August, having biked over from Harbor Springs. It was well worth the visit. However, by mid-September when we were back in Petoskey, it had closed for the season.

Petoskey is one of the larger towns along the eastern shore of northern Lake Michigan, but the downtown area is still quaint and interesting. There was a very large construction site, though, that take up a whole city block close to the water front. Not sure what's going on there as it was still just a very large hole in the ground in September 2007.

The eastern edge of Little Traverse Bay is very sandy - lots of dunes there and a great beach as well. That's a perfect spot for a state park - so they put one there The Petoskey State Park. We biked there one day and hiked some of the trails.


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Thumbs up:

The marina manager came out at 2am the night of the storm to check on the boats of absentee owners.

Seeing a bald eagle along the shore east of town and seeing the salmon run.

Lunch at Jesperson's (family owned since 1903), coffee and desert at Roast and Toast bread and sweet-treats at Crooked Tree Breadworks (need to bike there though).

The farmer's market!

Biking along the Little Traverse Wheelway where you can see the mural, stop in the park by the waterfall, visit the Little Traverse History Museum or just keep riding!

The underwater shrine.  We didn't get to see the real thing - only pictures.  Hopefully we'll have calm sunny water the next time we're there!