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Our 2007 Lake Michigan Cruise

During August and September of 2007 we crossed Lake Michigan from our home port of Chicago and headed up the Michigan coast to the Straits of Mackinac. We returned along the same route, stopping mostly at ports we missed along the way up.

Our 2008 Cruise

This year, we plan to leave much earlier - possibly by mid-May. We expect to make our way up Lake Michigan from Chicago, following the Michigan shore until we reach Beaver Island. (this part of the cruise is similar to last year's). We then plan to cross over to Door County, Wisconsin. After some time exploring the ports of Door County, we'll follow the northern shore of Lake Michigan back to Lake Huron. We then hope to explore the North Channel of Lake Huron. It's possible that we'll stay in Lake Huron until past Labor Day and leave Meridian in winter storage up there instead of traveling back to Chicago.