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Places: Manistee, Michigan

We spent one night in Manistee during our trip up the Michigan coast in 2007. We stayed at the Manistee Municipal Marina, which is located on the river in the downtown area - a very handy location. One nice feature at the marina was the free wi-fi. We found that in a lot of the Michigan harbors the high sand dunes tend to obstruct the signal on our laptop-card internet service. It was nice to have internet service without having to search for a coffee shop.

Manistee has a great river walk which stretches from the downtown area all the way out to Lake Michigan. Much of it is a real boardwalk built on pilings over the water. Historical markers, which provide information about Manistee's past, are spaced at regular intervals along the walk. The sidewalk in front of the marina is part of the river walk.

Manistee also has a nice downtown area with a number of interesting buildings and shops. The marina is located just off the main street, which runs parallel to the river, so we had easy access to everything. The Manistee County Historical Museum was particularly interesting and we wrote a blog post about our visit there.

Our next stop after Manistee was Portage Lake, Michigan.


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Manistee, Michigan
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The Manistee Municipal Marina has a great location along the river walk, and provides good service and value. The Manistee County Historical Museum has many interesting exhibits.