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Places: Harbor Springs, Michigan

We were at the Harbor Springs municipal marina for several days in late August 2007 and found it to be one of the nicest public marina's on Lake Michigan. The docks and grounds are in beautiful shape, and the staff is friendly and professional.

The natural harbor which is surrounded by tall sand dunes, is well protected from the weather. We belatedly found out this is the harbor of choice when bad storms hit the area. Later on in our 2007 cruise, while in Petoskey, a really bad gale settled in overnight. Many of the boats headed over to Harbor Springs ahead of the storm. We didn't realize the importance of that and rode it out in the much less protected Petoskey marina.

Harbor Springs is a beautiful little town, with lots of quaint shops, Victorian homes with well manicured lawns, easy access to marine (and other) services and nice parks and bike trails. Harbor Springs and the Little Traverse Bay area is a must-stop destination if you are in northern Lake Michigan.

Harbor Springs is the northern terminus of the Little Traverse Wheelway, which stretches from here to Charlevoix. We rode it to the Petoskey Farmer's market, and also took a side trip off of it to the Pleasantview Winery.  The views are excellent as you ride along the southern shores of Little Traverse Bay.

If you have bicycles, this is also a good starting point for a ride along the Tunnel of Trees up to Cross Village. Although somewhat hilly, we found this to be some of the best bicycling in all of western Michigan.


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Harbor Springs, Michigan


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Sitting next to another 41 foot Chris Craft Commander at the Harbor Springs Municipal Marina.

Biking along M-119, stopping at the Good Hart General Store, then continuing along the Tunnel of Trees up to Cross Village and having lunch at the Leggs Inn. Also, buying bicycle repair items at Touring Gear in Harbor Springs - a good bicycle shop with knowledgeable and helpful staff.

Also, biking along the Little Traverse Wheelway to the farmers market in Petoskey and to the Pleasantview Winery, where the owner gave us the wine tasting while discussing living aboard a sailboat.

Coffee and wi-fi at the Woolly Bugger - Bernie got addicted to the "Lake Effect".

The beautifully, well maintained homes, scenic views and interesting architecture make this an excellent walking town.

Geez that's alot of thumbs, and I'm sure there are more I forgot about . . . we must have liked it here!