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Welcome to Bernie and Phil's web site, devoted to cruising around the Great Lakes on Meridian, our 25 year old Chris Craft. Our first blog entry provided some background about us and our general lack of cruising experience at the outset of our adventure.

When we first started seriously thinking about traveling around the Great Lakes on a boat, it seemed almost beyond us. Although we'd owned Meridian for several years, we'd never taken her out of the Chicago area. And Lake Michigan is pretty big! And it can get rough!

There just seemed to be so much to learn - and so many preparations to make. And Meridian was our first boat, so we had ALOT to learn! But, over time, we did actually start to learn what we were doing. (although, if you've ever seen us pull into a slip or attempt to drop the anchor, you may disagree with that!) Looking back on it now, it was never as difficult or as intimidating as we expected. Just a lot of fun.

We created this site to share our experiences. We thought it would be helpful to relay bits of information about towns, marinas, businesses, activities, products, etc. that we encounter along our adventures. The information we share is based solely on our personal experience while traveling (or preparing to travel) on Meridian.

We think of this as our personal Cruising Guide. It contains memories of good times for us, places and businesses we've been to and had good experiences with, and reminders of things we'd like to do or see again. It is by no means comprehensive. If we don't have personal knowledge of it, we don't write about it.

Oh . . . and it's something to do in the winter!

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