Great Lakes Billiards, LLC is a web-based store of moderately high end pool cues for sale
including AE, Andy Gilbert, Ariel Carmeli, Russ Espiritu, Jerry Olivier, Pierce, McDermott, Coker,
Black Boar and Joss ranging in price from $700 to $2500.  We also sell cues on consignment and have
recently added a line of entry to mid level Nick Varner cues starting at $65.
E-mail to glbcues @ gmail.com for information. 
Isn't it about time for pool lessons?  Call John Binion at 248-794-9532.
Need a new or used pool table or a table moved or serviced?  Call Juston Markell/Pro Billiards at 248-821-6112.
Need a great place to play pool?  Try the U of M Billiard room at the student union in Ann Arbor.  
Click on U of M for information. 
Would you like a website of your own?  We'll create one for you designed to your price
and specification.  E-mail to glbcues @ gmail.com for information. 
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