posted Jun 27, 2019, 1:53 PM by Tracy Honstain   [ updated Jun 27, 2019, 3:30 PM ]
A tip was sent out that a puppy was hit by a car and appeared to have mange, the person was not able to stop and help. So two ladies went searching, they posted this about how little Laila was found.

I heard a man tell a person he saw it(a dog) and someone came to check on it and said it was dead so they threw it in the garage across the street.

I couldn't just take their word that the puppy was dead so we went looking. While looking we came across some black bags and I didn't like the shape of one in particular sure enough it was another brown dog that had passed. 

It is possible dog's are being dumped on these two properties. I'm so disgusted to think how many people passed this baby and chose to just leave her. Then while we were looking another worker told us the dog was dead. I went and looked in the front and she was laying under a bush. Bless her heart she got up when I called her. I was shocked at how she looked. We jumped in the car and rushed to Dix Animal Hospital. 

These ladies posted needing help and looking for rescue placement for this baby. We were happy to step up for Laila Ali, get her immediate medical attention and a medical foster. 

Laila is currently at Woodhaven Animal Hospital and will be there at least three days. She is being treated for a skin infection, mange and malnutrition. She is eating well but is not interested is drinking water.

We have started an amazon wish list for Laila and will be updating it as her needs change.

 Thank you for all your support