Master 8'ers Pool Quotes

"Is your husband boring?" Sherwod to barmaid at Northheath social club April 2016

"It's not a game of chess" Phil to Pinkie March 2016

"You smell nice"  Random bloke at bar to Pinkie at Erith Snooker (21st Oct 2014) 

"Really!" - said about all the time 26th Feb 2014

You played well young son..” old lady to a young Pinkie circa 1997


“Wow good game mate, that the best I have ever played” bloke from Jolly Farmers who beat Pinkie  13th Jan 2009

Y-y-y-y-y-ou're S-s-s-s-sh-sh-shi-sh*t” Glen to everyone (before any beer), every Tuesday.


You're sh*t” Glen to everyone (after a few beers), every Tuesday.


That's Bo**ox” Glen to Moppie as he stormed into the toilet in the halfway house 2007-08 season.


I live closer than that” Jon everytime anyone misses.


That will be the guy that's going to beat you” Rocket to Pinkie before singles game, pinkie then seven balls his opponent! 20.01.09


I used to be fat, but I'm not going there again” Jon to Glen every Tuesday.


Pot, Kettle, Hand” Pinkie to Keith after he explained how he poured boiling water on his hand when making gravy!


"Your a One Season Wonder" John to Glen after maybe mentioning the averages one too many times.... Nothing like team harmony....


"We pick the little man" Valley road captain picking Rocket Ryan in doubles.


"They're in my Roooom!!!! " Rocket afeter finding 2 OAP being shown rounds his hotel room in Brighton

"You do know what type of club this is?" Bouncer to John and OSW as they try and go into Brightons biggest gay club

"They were lucky we didn't kick off" Gary Underhill Triples Semi KO