Endangered Species

In Danger of Extinction: Some of the great grey owls are being endangered because a lot of people are chopping down trees. Some people don't even see them and they just chop it down and that can be very dangerous for the Great Gray Owls. Some of them are really young. But why they have to chop down trees for. Then maybe they got a nest with babies in there and they just suddenly die because of the people who are choping down the trees. They need to be in. A safe environment before those people come destroying it. It is really sad. Is there way for these owls to survive? If they have good hearing why they can't they just fly away instead but it probably doesn't know it is coming the it is executed. A lot of the owls are dying because a lot of other people probably don't see them on the road to then they been getting hit from other cars but some of them probably don't have good hearing and that's why they are dying too. 

A graph of Great Gray Owls are being endangered.

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