Great Gransden is a parish in Cambridgeshire, in the Huntingdonshire District.  This web site includes information about the Parish Council, the village facilities it manages, the data and agenda for the next meetings, the minutes of previous meetings and the policies under which it operates: please see the links below and in the sidebar on the left.

Your Parish Council always welcomes your questions, comments and suggestions. Please contact us via email here:

The next regular Parish Council Meeting is on Monday 4th February 2019.
The agenda and Clerks report are published 3 clear days in advance.

 Minutes of previous meetings status
Annual Parish meeting 2018, held on Thursday 26th April 2018 draft
 February 2019
 additional meeting January 2019 (re planning)
 January 2019
Please note: draft minutes will not be considered official until approved by the Parish Council at a subsequent meeting

Your Privacy is important to us

The parish Council takes care to safeguard the privacy of personal data supplied to us, in whatever form. A copy of our current privacy notice can be viewed online here. The current version was last edited in May 2018 to ensure conformance with the new GDPR legislation.

Oxford-Cambridge rail link consultation

posted 29 Jan 2019, 04:51 by N Day   [ updated 29 Jan 2019, 05:14 ]

A public consultation has just started regarding the routing of a new railway between Cambridge and Bedford, part of the proposed new rail link between Oxford and Cambridge. The 'Have Your Say' page ( contains links enabling you to download a consultation document (the best place to start), a technical report, a picture of the 5 route options, and a feedback form - which can be filled in online, or you can download a PDF version and return that by post.

They say "Please submit your feedback by 11.45pm on 11 March 2019 when this consultation will close". Anyone can send in feedback - it is not limited to one reply per household - and people outside the area can also send in feedback, so you might want to tell friends and relatives about this.

Front page of Bedford to Cambridge Consultation Document
Consultation Document
(PDF 932KB)
Front page of Bedford to Cambridge Technical Report
Technical Document (PDF 2.6MB)
5 Route Options on a Map
Route Options Map
(JPG 346KB)
Consultation feedback form - pages 1 to 3
Feedback Form (link)

Rural Watch is out and about

posted 5 Dec 2018, 13:48 by N Day   [ updated 5 Dec 2018, 13:49 ]

The Parish Council has been sent a message by Richard Braddick about 'Rural Watch' which we think is worth drawing to the attention of our parishoners. If you wish to participate, please get in touch with Richard using the contact info below.

'Rural Matters' logo
RURAL WATCH, a joint volunteer and police operation, was out and about in the rural communities again last night. Although not as busy as the previous watch a large area was covered by patrolling vehicles.

One vehicle was stopped and a small amount of drugs seized and a report of a male standing in a driveway late into the night was checked out and all was found in order with the male.

Patrolling vehicles checked farms, businesses, villages and remote lanes and tracks throughout the night and I am pleased to report that very little suspicious activity was found.

The watch will be out and about again later this month, if you feel you would like to join and help deter crime in your community please email me.


Kind Regards

PCSO 7101 Richard Braddick
St Neots Safer Neighbourhood Team
St. Neots Police Station | Dovehouse Close | St. Neots | Cambridgeshire | PE19 1DS
Mobile: 07921-094801
Call: 101

Survey re West Street development

posted 4 Dec 2018, 04:08 by N Day   [ updated 16 Jan 2019, 11:19 ]

Following the recent exhibition regarding the proposed development off West Street, Carter Jonas have set up a web site, where you can download a copy (in PDF format) of the information boards shown at the meeting, and also complete a brief online survey. If you do not wish to fill in the survey online, they have contact information for sending in comments by email or post, and you can download a printable copy of the survey form. They ask that comments are submitted by Sunday 9th December 2018, and the Parish Council encourage parishioners to make the developers aware of their feelings for or against the proposals by then.

UPDATE, January 2019:

The developers have now submitted an application (see reference 18/02720/OUT on the district councils planning portal), and comments are due by the 29th of January. There will be a special meeting of the parish council on January 23 to discuss this.

2019 meeting dates

posted 4 Dec 2018, 03:09 by N Day   [ updated 11 Dec 2018, 03:06 ]

At the December 2018 meeting, the Parish Council agreed that the 2019 meetings would folllow the normal pattern of the 1st Monday of the month (except when this is a bank holiday, when the meeting will be delayed one week). This means the next meeting will be on the 7th of January, with subsequent meetings on February 4, March 4, April 1, May 13, June 3, July 1,  August 5, September 2, October 7, November 4 and December 2. The Annual Parish Meeting was put down for the 18th of April.

As usual, extra planning meetings may be scheduled as necessary.

An update regarding the HDC Local Plan

posted 19 Nov 2018, 02:43 by N Day   [ updated 19 Nov 2018, 02:46 ]

The Parish Council have received an update from Huntingdonshire District Council on the status of the local plan. This is given in its entirety below, and the attachments mentioned can be accessed by following the links.

We are now in receipt of further communication from our Local Plan Inspector which is attached and you will see it is a bullet point informal letter of the modifications he recommends be made in order to find the plan sound.  As part of the Examination process we had to robustly justify our Objectively Assessed Need for housing and demonstrate that out Local Plan target of 20,100 homes is the correct number. From the outline of modifications from the Inspector you will be able to infer that that at this stage of the process he does not challenge our position on our overall housing numbers having carefully considered the evidence from the entire examination process. As a result he is not suggesting our housing numbers need to be increased and therefore we do not need to include/ find additional sites and he has removed the category of Local Service Centre (Alconbury, Bluntisham, Great Staughton). The Inspector has provided a trajectory along with a supporting note and that is available on the Council’s website

There are a couple of key points you need to be alive to:

  • This is informal correspondence between HDC and the Inspector but it is publically available on our website. It is not his final report and we do not have any other additional information from the Inspector at this time. As and when we receive further correspondence we will update the website.

  • The modifications are made without prejudice to his final conclusions (in his report) that will be produced once he receives all comments from the modification consultation

  • The programme officer has forwarded the Inspector’s comments to all of those who participated in the Examination.

Next steps:

  • To ensure all residents are aware of the current position a press release will be issued and that is also attached.

  • We will confirm with the inspector if we accept his recommendations (as per the delegation set out in the report to Full Council in March 2018)

  • Once he has been notified, and agrees with our position we will start a statutory full public consultation period of 7 weeks – the modification consultation. We hope to get this underway in December but that is very much dependent on the Inspectors own workload.

As we get further information we will of course update our website. In the meantime, if you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Planning policy team via email at

Great Gransden Neighbourhood Plan

posted 31 Jul 2018, 06:23 by N Day   [ updated 31 Jul 2018, 06:23 ]

'Gransden 20/20 Vision'

The Neighbourhood Plan Group have distributed an introductory questionnaire to all Great Gransden residents. If you have not already done so, you can return them via the village shop. The members of the steering group will be attending village events in order to meet and talk with anyone who has ideas or concerns they wish to share with them.

More information, including a copy of the survey, contact details, and example Neighbourhood Development Plans,  can be found on the group's website:

Potton Ltd, Eltisley Road - Planning Application

posted 31 Jul 2018, 06:14 by N Day   [ updated 31 Jul 2018, 06:14 ]

An application for outline planning permission for the
erection of 38 custom/self build houses with roads, services, attenuation pond and infrastructure and full planning permission for the erection of 5 custom/self-build show houses with sales centre & car parking following demolition of factory and offices. The application REF. 18/00958/FUL can be viewed on HDC's online planning portal:

UPDATE: The closing date for comments/observations was 13th June 2018.

Meadow Road 40mph Buffer Zone

posted 31 Jul 2018, 06:08 by N Day   [ updated 31 Jul 2018, 06:09 ]

Following the Parish Council's successful bid for a 40mph buffer zone along Meadow Road, the Public Notice and Map can be viewed by clicking on the highlighted links.

Parish Council Membership

posted 31 Jul 2018, 06:01 by N Day   [ updated 31 Jul 2018, 06:02 ]

Great Gransden has 8 Parish Councillors - Andrew Pett, Giles Scott, Jeff Gorton, Nick Ginn, Michael Capps, Nigel Day and Peter King, who were returned following an uncontested election, and James Catmur, who was co-opted onto the Parish Council. There remains one vacancy - if you are interested in being co-opted onto the council and to serve your community in this role, please contact the clerk or a parish councillor. Email

A428 development - announcement deferred

posted 31 Jul 2018, 05:12 by N Day   [ updated 16 Jan 2019, 11:25 ]

The announcement of the preferred route continues to be deferred! The current plan is to announce the preferred route in 'late 2018', with the work starting in 2021 or 2022.
Proposed Routes and latest information
please click here to view more details:

UPDATE, January 2019: it's been further deferred, until 'spring 2019'!

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