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Great Gransden is a parish in Cambridgeshire, in the Huntingdonshire District. 
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The next Parish Council Meeting is on Monday 3rd April 2017

Please click here to view the draft minutes for the March meeting
 Please note that these will not be considered official until approved by the Council at the next meeting

Current Affairs:
These are the main matters that currently affect us:

A428 Proposed Routes
please click here to view more details: 
The Parish Council discussed the latest A428 announcement on the evening of its issue, and are keen to consult with local residents. 
A public meeting will be held in the School Hall 
at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday 30th March.
Anyone from the surrounding area is welcome to attend.
Gransden Parish Council is aware that other meetings will be held elsewhere and, of course, people may wish to attend more than one of these. However,  the meeting on March 30th will be the one which Gransden Parish Councillors take as their datum when formulating their response to the proposals.

In the meantime, villagers are encouraged to seek further information at the following places:
Cambourne Hub - 23rd March, 2:00-8:00 p.m, 
Abbotsley Village Hall - 25th March, 10:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.
 St. Neots Priory Centre 27th March 2:00-8:00 p.m.
The Parish Council especially wishes to seek clarification of the proposed plans for Caxton Roundabout.

Those unable to attend any of the above may visit drop-in centres at St. Neots or Papworth Libraries for further information.

Have your say on plans to improve the A428  - the 7 week consultation 

begins 6th March and closes 23rd April 2017

Three options for the new dual carriageway:-

  • Orange route - a new road from the new Black Cat junction to the A428 near Cambridge Road in St Neots including a new Cambridge Road junction, and to the northeast of the existing A428, a new road from Cambridge Road to Caxton Gibbet with a new Caxton Gibbet junction;
  • Purple route - a new road to the south of the existing A428 form the new Black Cat junction, north of Abbotsley to Caxton Gibbet, including a new Caxton Gibbet junction;
  • Pink route - a new road to the south of the existing A428 from the new Black Cat junction, south of Abbotsley to Caxton Gibbet, including a new Caxton Gibbet junction.

Click to view all the information on the consultation and a link to the online questionnaire.

Bin Collections

Waste collection days are changing in February 2017

Click here for more information

Residents should now have received a letter from HDC advising that collection days will change from Mondays to Thursdays for blue and grey bins and Wednesdays for green bins.  Click online bin collection calendar to view HDC's collection calendar.

Please note: in a masterpiece of municipal organisation, some parts of the village may have a different schedule. Please visit the above link and enter your postcode to verify which are your days

Great Gransden Matters

The new forum is due for review at February's meeting:  we would welcome your feedback as the initial 6- month trial period comes to an end.

Your Parish Council recognises that there are many issues facing our village where we need to consult with residents. These include Highways developments, decisions on further road safety measures in  Gransden, tennis court refurbishments, and wider government changes. Our official web forum, Great Gransden Matters has been introduced to improve village communication in all ways, both for residents to discuss significant issues, and for your Council to inform the public. 

Any matters raised on the forum are discussed at the next meeting,
and we will post a response soon after.
Change may take some time to achieve, but please be assured we are committed to doing our very best for Great Gransden.

Thank you to those who responded and gave your views on the web forum.  The Parish  Council voted to continue the forum and will look at ways of amalgamating it into the website to consolidate the places where information is available.  It may take some time to achieve but plans are in hand.

please click here to join the forum - welcome!

"Twenty's Plenty"

The signs for the new 20mph speed limit in Middle Street between the roundabout and the crossroads at Fox Street are now in place. 

Additional tall posts have also been erected on incoming roads for a moveable flashing speed limit sign. On February 1st the new flashing sign was installed on Eltisley Road, and from now on will be moved periodically between the four different locations.

 We also anticipate re-painting of road markings in the village, and improvements to the Playgroup crossing point near the Sportsfield on Caxton Road.

For further information on the village's forthcoming traffic safety improvements please click here



Ash tree disease threatens to destroy 30 million trees in the UK. There have been reports of cases as close as Gamlingay. Do, please take pre-emptive action if you can to attenuate the catastrophic effects on our country and our village, by planting replacement trees such as Field Maple, Oak, Wild Service, Small-leaved Lime, Birch, Alder or Wild Cherry.