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Great Gransden is a parish in Cambridgeshire, in the Huntingdonshire District. 
This web site contains information about the Parish Council, the village facilities it manages, the data and agenda for the next meetings, and the minutes of previous meetings: 
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The next Parish Council Meeting is on 1st August 2016
Please click here to view the draft minutes for the July meeting

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From January 2016 you may view the draft minutes of the latest Council meeting. Please note that these will not be considered official until approved by the Council at the next meeting

Don't miss the deadline!

please add your views to the questionnaire before 30th June

The Parish Council has appointed a Committee to seek funding to turn the old village tennis court into a "MUGA" for free use by villagers. This would include marking out courts for various sports, a pitch and goals for football, permanent nets for netball and basketball, and a removable net with hidden posts for tennis. A new perimeter fence would be installed, along with a new surface and some seating for spectators.

To get the funding we need we must show that we have the support of everyone in the village. Please could you contribute your ideas? If you have children whose views differ from your own, they are also most welcome to contribute separately.

You may register your views in several ways.

To use our online survey please click here

To access a printable PDF of the form, please click here

To discover results of the online survey so far, please click here  

You may also register your views using the paper copy of this form, which has been issued in Roundabout - please return paper copies to the village shop by Thursday 30th June indicating what you think should be provided and how many members of your family or group might use the facilities.

Alternatively, please ring Sheila on 07598442713 to arrange for your form to be collected.

Please add any additional ideas you have, together with your contact details so the committee can discuss with you if necessary.



Ash tree disease threatens to destroy 30 million trees in the UK. There have been reports of cases as close as Gamlingay. Do, please take pre-emptive action if you can to attenuate the catastrophic effects on our country and our village, by planting replacement trees such as Field Maple, Oak, Wild Service, Small-leaved Lime, Birch, Alder or Wild Cherry.