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Great Grace Ministries is a network of churches, ministries, and fivefold leaders who are training, nurturing, and equipping others to establish the Kingdom of God.

Gary and Danice Duda are founders of Great Grace Ministries and Directors of the Northwest RTF Training Center in Yelm, Washington.

Apostolic Accountability – The Practical dimension of covenant

GGM provides spiritual covering and protection for ministers and business leaders through accountability. Accountability is the practical dimension of covenant.

Jesus always dealt with His disciples through covenant relationships. In the Kingdom, we are called to participate in the same type of relationships. The more we know about each other’s strengths and weaknesses, the more we can depend on each other in times of need. We are better equipped to protect each other. Truth and honor in all situations ensures our covenant relationships. We can participate in covenant when our hearts are knit together by the Lord.

Why we need covenant relationships in our lives:

1. To experience the Father’s love

2. To fulfill our personal identity and destiny

3. For encouragement, comfort, and building up

4. To activate gifting, anointing, and calling

5. To uncover blind spots that are otherwise ignored

What will accountability do for me?

1. Provide spiritual covering and protection

2. Strengthen ministry relationships

3. Supply provision in times of need

4. Receive healthy correction for life course adjustments 5. Release blessings to the next generation Produce spiritual growth and development

Restoring The Foundations

Integrated Approach to Ministry

This ministry is based on the revelation of the need for integrated ministry to all four of the following areas in order to achieve deep and lasting freedom and healing.

- Sins of the Fathers & resulting Curses (SOFCs)

This problem is rooted in the second commandment: (Ex 20:5). God visits "the iniquities of the fathers upon the children unto the 3rd and 4th generations." A pattern given in Lev 26:40 guides us to confess our father's sin as well as our own. We appropriate (receive) Christ's finished work on the Cross to break curses. (Gal 3:13)

- Ungodly Beliefs (UGBs)

We all have formed ungodly beliefs from life's circumstances and from our inheritance from our ancestors. These ungodly beliefs can be changed into godly beliefs through repentance and renewing our minds (Rom 12:2)

- Soul Spirit Hurts (SSHs)

Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted (Lk 4:18). As we "wait upon the Lord" with "Listening Prayer", He heals the hurts of our soul and spirit.

- Demonic Oppression (DO)

After we have "co-labored with Christ" to bring freedom and healing to the first three problem areas in our lives, the various demonic strongholds oppressing us can be disassembled and destroyed.

(Mk 16:17)

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