Fairy Party

Little girls love fairies, so when my Abby turned 4, I just had to do a Fairy Party.
Here's how it went...
I went for an "Enchanted Forest" feel, and designed the invites on Photoshop.
I collected fake flowers in bright shades from the local $2 shop, found some cheap pale green tulle from Geoff's Emporium ($3/m), and a great place where ivy grew in abundance to make a canopy over the "fairy banquet". The Christmas fairy lights also came in handy.
Being a July party, middle of winter, we can't rely on good weather, so I planned the party for completely inside, making use of 3 rooms: Dining room for a Fairy Tea party (under the green tulle and ivy banner), lounge for games and fairy dancing and Abby's bedroom for a fairy beauty parlour - because don't little girls just love to dress up!
The invitation instructed the "fairies" to come wearing their wings. The headbands (pictured) I made for each fairy. Upon arrival there was a selection of "makeup" (glitter, nail polish, lip gloss and hair colour wands etc) to use, assisted by the mummies and "Fairy Lydia" - our wonderful regular babysitter who really 
looked the part and got into her role.
Once the fairies had all arrived and had fun in the beauty parlour, the guests moved through into the dining room for the fairy tea party.
I had borrowed a number of tiered cake stands for displaying the food, jewelled disposable wine glasses, all under a canopy of tulle and ivy.
The tea party included meringues with berries and cream, jam tarts, flower cupcakes, daisy pizzas, fruit kebabs and butterfly pretzels, washed down with berry punch.
"Fairy" music was playing in the background (a mix of Enya and classical pieces), giving it all quite an ethereal feeling.
 The cake was a fairy on a toadstool (see the link below for how to make).
After singing happy birthday and blowing the candles, the fairies moved into the lounge for fairy dancing and games.
The decorations were very simple, just a garland with flowers and ivy draped on the mantlepiece and some twinkling fairy lights on top (not a balloon in sight).
"Fairy Lydia" led the girls in dancing, then told them the legend of the fairy ring, and they played Musical Toadstools, where the aim was not to land on a toadstool and thereby escape the fairy ring (with 4year old girls, best
to put a positive spin on getting 'out'!)
The toadstools, I made by cutting out circles of red felt, and gluing on white felt dots - very simple, very effective.
This was followed by a new take on a couple of old favourites - I combined "Pass the Parcel" with a treasure hunt - between each layer was a clue, to where some treasure was hidden , somewhere in the room. The clues were all in rhyme, and was for all the girls - they collected the treasure in their fairy kits, and this became their "take-home treat". Items  hidden included chocolate gold coins, Hershey's (pixie) kisses, lipgloss and fairy dust (glitter to be sprinkled in each girl's hair). 
All in all a magical time was had by all.
  • CLICK HERE for a FAIRY FOOD Party Menu
  • CLICK HERE for how to make a Fairy Toadstool Cake
  • CLICK HERE for my Fairy Party Invitation
  • Save and Print the attached Word document (below) for Fairy Game Ideas 
Simone Graham,
Sep 2, 2008, 6:27 PM