2019 Ride Options

Friday There are 2 loops available, each starting and ending at HVGC.

Ⓐ – Watkins Glen International Raceway – 7.5 mi distance – 620 ft climb – HVGC start and end Take a moderate climb out of camp for a look at the Watkins Glen International Raceway, then roll downhill back to camp. This is a looping route and shares some of the roods with the Sugar Hill Fire Tower riders (albeit in the opposite direction). https://ridewithgps.com/routes/7883239

Ⓑ – Sugar Hill Fire Tower – 18.1 mi distance – 1,403 ft climb – HVGC start and end Take a moderate climb out of camp, take in a spectacular view at the fire tower, then roll downhill back to camp. There is a one-mile steep gravel road to the tower that can be walked or ridden. This is a looping route. https://ridewithgps.com/routes/21841950


There are 4 routes for Saturday – the unpaved off-road Keuka Outlet Trail and 3 on-road looping routes that can be linked together for a longer day. The 3 on-road routes are new and very beautiful, mostly flat to gently rolling, and each has multiple lunch and snack stop options mid-way through. The on-road loops go north-south between Keuka and Seneca Lakes on quiet, rural roads, through Amish farmlands. There are beautiful vistas along the way, and you are much more likely to see an Amish buggy than a car.

Ⓒ – HVGC-Dundee – 28.8 mi distance – 1,558 ft climb – HVGC start and end Want to ride from camp? This is the ride for you... it is a bit of a climb out of camp, but a wonderful descent upon return. This route takes you over medium and low traffic rural roads to rural Dundee, where the 28 mile loop to Penn Yan begins. There are a number of restaurants and food stores in Dundee, 14 miles into the ride. https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29634141

Ⓓ – Dundee-Penn Yan – 28.5 mi distance – 1,351 ft climb – Dundee School start and end Want a looping ride that starts just 14 miles north of camp in rural Dundee, follows mostly quiet Amish farm roads, is on generally flat and gently rolling terrain, and goes through a sizable but quaint community halfway through - at the northeast tip of Keuka Lake in Penn Yan - with multiple lunch options and a visit to the Keuka Arts Festival (KeukaArtsFestival.com)? This is the route for you. Ride from camp and make it into a 57 mile day, or start in Dundee at the local high school. Want an outstanding metric century? Combine this route with the 38 mile Penn Yan-Geneva loop! https://ridewithgps.com/routes/30067530

 Ⓔ – Penn Yan-Geneva – 38.0 mi distance – 1,233 ft climb – Penn Yan Sports Complex start and end Want a longer looping ride that starts a bit more remote from camp in Penn Yan, where the annual Keuka Arts Festival is in full swing (KeukaArtsFestival.com), but also follows mostly quiet Amish farm roads, is generally flat and gently rolling terrain, and swings through Geneva, a larger community at the northern end of Seneca Lake with multiple lunch options and a ride through the most historic part of town? This is the route for you. This route starts in Penn Yan at the Sports Complex. Want an outstanding metric century? Combine this route with the 28 mile Dundee-Penn Yan loop! https://ridewithgps.com/routes/30067575

Ⓕ – Keuka Outlet Trail – 14.5 mi distance – 372 ft climb – Penn Yan Sports Complex start and end This 7 mile trail between Penn Yan and Dresden is mostly wooded, and runs along a beautiful stream with waterfalls, wildlife, and the remnants of old mills from days gone by. The final mile is paved and passes through three small parks, and there is an ice cream stop at the halfway point in Dresden. The trail area is mowed, and the surface is a combination of single track hard-pack dirt, asphalt, and crushed stone, and it is traffic free. This is an out-and-back ride, and the trail is mostly flat with a few very small ascents. Wide tires with good tread or mountain bikes are recommended. Loop starts and ends the Penn Yan Sports Complex. This loop is easily trimmed in distance by turning around at any point. Riders can start midway on the Dundee-Penn Yan Loop or park at the complex. https://ridewithgps.com/routes/30067551



There are 4 loops available for Sunday. Each starts and ends and Champlin Beach near Hammondsport. All loops are together from the start to Branchport, then split. Three routes go around Keuka Lake, with the differences inside the Y, and are together from Keuka College to the end. These around-the-lakes are perennial favorites.

Ⓖ – Keuka No Bluff – 44.0 mi distance – 1,165 ft climb – Champlin Beach start and end This is a Top Ten ride — one of our dub favorites! This ride takes a clockwise loop around this beautiful Y shaped lake. The first third of the ride goes up the west side of the lake, and is close to the water, with many beautiful views along the way. The road on this side of the lake is reasonably quiet and gently rolling and curving. The route turns right at the top of the left arm of the lake and heads toward Penn Yan, which is at the top of the right arm of the lake. There is a great shoulder on this stretch, and it has one climb at the start up to a beautiful view of the lake before leveling out for a nearly flat stretch, then dropping down to Keuka College. The route stays close to the lake on a quiet road from the Keuka College to Penn Yan. This ride returns to Champlin Park along the east side of the lake with two routes possible — along gently rolling but more heavily trafficked NY 54 — good pavement with wide shoulders and fast paces possible, or on quiet cottage roads closer to the lake. There are food stops in Branchport, Penn Yan, and Hammondsport, and many top the day off with a stop at the Switzerland Inn restaurant on NY 54 near ride's end, which has outside deck tables overlooking the lake. https://ridewithgps.com/routes/30067679

 Ⓗ – Keuka Bluff Point Shore – 56.6 mi distance – 1,636 ft climb – Champlin Beach start and end This is a Top 10 ride—one of our club favorites! This ride takes a clockwise loop around this beautiful Y shaped lake as described in the 44 mile loop, but instead of taking a direct route from Branchport to Penn Yan at the top of the arms of the lake, it follows the entire perimeter of the lake including the inside of the Y, through Keuka Lake State Park, onto W Bluff Rd to the bluff, then back to Penn Yan on E Bluff Rd, at which point it reconnects with the 44 mile ride at Keuka College. https://ridewithgps.com/routes/30067678

Ⓘ – Keuka Bluff Point Climb – 56.8 mi distance – 1,934 ft climb – Champlin Beach start and end For those of you who dare—who love really steep hills—instead of following East Bluff Road to Keuka College, turn left at Bluff Point and climb a good mile up very steep wooded Skyline Dr. The grade is estimated to be a good steady 14%. This loop is very similar to the Bluff Point Shore loop, but goes directly north on the ridge forming the center of the Y. https://ridewithgps.com/routes/30067769

SⒿ – Devine Keuka Italy Hills – 40.3 mi distance – 1,792 ft climb – Champlin Beach start and end Are you looking for something a little different than our usual club favorite Sunday ride around Keuka Lake? How about this ride – a new route developed by a new STBC club member! This ride has it all – half of it is near the water along the western leg of Keuka Lake, and half of it is on quiet rural roads on a ridge west of the lake. The ride begins and ends in Hammondsport at Champlin Beach at the Southeast corner of Keuka Lake, there is a 2 mile manageable 6% grade climb up to the ridge on Italy Hill Rd, and an enjoyable descent back down to the lake at ride end. There are lunch options midway through the ride in Prattsburgh. Want more miles on Sunday? Combine this ride with one of the others and loop around the east side of Keuka Lake too https://ridewithgps.com/routes/30067479