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NFB Education Goals

The NFB's Role in the Education of Blind Students

To assist the educational system so that blind students are prepared for real-world challenges.

To ensure that blind students are taught proper blindness skills during their early education so they will succeed in future educational, employment, and social endeavors.

To ensure that as federal law requires publishers of books used in elementary and high schools to provide standardized electronic files to a national repository for rapid cost-effective conversion into Braille and other formats, that these texts are readily available to students in the school system.

To ensure that blind students are provided with appropriate hardware, software and other technological resources so that they can compete on an level playing field with their classmates.

To ensure that appropriate accomodations are made so that blind students are able to achieve to the best of their abilities and to fully participate in the academic, social and extracurricular programs of the school system. 

To support the school staff, parents and other designated personnel in assisting blind students in reaching their full potential.