1.     Is it better to miss an entire practice or part of a practice?

         a.     Coaches would rather you come into practice, even if you will be late. Some practice is better than no practice.
        ** Meet weeks- practices are mandatory. If you have a conflict- speak with a coach the week BEFORE meet week.

2.    How do we know what level our gymnast will be competing this year?

        a. Ask your gymnast. If she is not sure, have her ask her coach.

3.    Do you have to buy a new demo leo this year? Is it required?

         a.     Yes.  The coaches would like the gymnasts to have a leo that all the girls can wear at any given time—pictures, parades, other team events.                 Most families purchase a new leo every year, so this is one that they can wear any time and is at a good cost. Purchase from pro-shop.

5.     What does my gymnast need to wear/have for a meet?

          a.     Competitive Leo (long sleeved)

          b.     Warm Ups—need jacket (zipped up) and pants for both March In and Awards

          c.     Hair pulled out of face and tied back—should be able to hold throughout the entire competition.

                 *** No Bobbie Pins***

          d.     Grips -if your gymnast uses them

          e.     A bag to hold shoes, warm ups, water, grips when competing.

          f.     No food or drink (except bottled water) is allowed in the competition area.

          g.     If meets run longer than expected, the coaches will allow the gymnasts to get a snack.

          h.     They are not to leave the competition area unless directed by a coach, which is usually when the last competitor in that session   

                  has competed—from all teams.


          j.     Glitter is a personal preference, it is optional--not mandatory.

6. What is the best way to prepare my gymnast for a meet?

         a.     RELAX!!! They are nervous. They may be scared. The best advice.... is talk to your athlete a week or two before the meet, ASK THEM how      

                you can be of assistance the day before a meet, the day OF the meet, and right AFTER the meet. 

         b.    A good dinner the night before, plenty of rest, a good breakfast and a calm morning. Try not to rush to a meet. Aim to get there a bit 

                early for a bathroom trip, maybe a few quiet minutes in the car to get their brains in gear or wake up if the drive was a long one.

         c.    Not everyone can get 1st place. It is NOT the end of the world. They may feel that way, they may not. But the less pressure you place on 

                the gymnast, the better. They put enough pressure on themselves-- don't add to it.

         d.    If the GYMNAST wants to make goals-- encourage attainable goals. Stick a landing, stay on the beam, keep legs straight, pointy toes, etc.   

                Focus on goals on a specific skill they are capable of doing..... DO NOT ENCOURAGE goals based on a score!!!

7. What's the skinny on meets?

         a.     You TYPICALLY do not need to pay to get in.

         b.     Larger meets USUALLY have programs for a couple $$'s (Preview before you buy!)

         c.     Snacks and drinks are usually available for purchase.

         d.     DO NOT USE A FLASH (camera, cell phone, video)!! TRIPLE CHECK THIS!!!!!

         e.     Bring a seat cushion-- and LOTS of smiles, patience and support for all the girls competing. Not just your own.

         f.     Awards are MANDATORY and are NOT coach supervised.  All team members are expected to go to awards and stay until the end.

                 If you must leave earlier, please speak with a coach PRIOR to the meet.  

8. When do you find out what session your gymnast will be in?

         a.     Usually the week or so before the meet.

9. How are high school expectations different?

         a.  You are best to speak with a coach if you have a gymnast approaching high school WELL before the start of the season regarding options.

         b.  According to O.H.S.A.A. a gymnast cannot compete for the high school and a club sport at the SAME time.  Meaning, they can do Y meets 

             up until the high school season starts. Once the high school season begins, they may practice with gymcats, but may not COMPETE as a       

             gymcat.  Once high school season is over, they may return to competing as a gymcat. SEE YOUR COACH FOR DETAILS AND MORE INFO.

         c.  See the 2013-2014 Team fee's sheet for info regarding fee's.

10. When all else fails--- ASK A COACH for clarity.