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2018 Shattering Expectations VOLUNTEER SIGN-UPS

posted Jun 8, 2018, 5:48 PM by Jennifer Helton   [ updated Jun 10, 2018, 2:35 PM ]
Hello Gymcat Nation!

The 2018 Shattering Expectations Meet Volunteer sign-ups are now available.  Please use the Tab to the left side of the page to access all sign-up links (2018 Shattering Expectation Volunteer Sign-Ups). This is a very LARGE meet with over 2300 gymnast competing and over 300 coaches attending...we need all handa on deck to make this meet run smoothly 🙂 

A few things to remember- 

1- Each gymnast family is required to do a SET-UP or TEAR DOWN

2- Each gymnast family is required to fulfill (3) Sessions 

3- There are Service Hours available for teens/children (if your child is around, don't be surprised if we grab them to help be runner, Awards helpers, etc...)- these will count as Service Hours, NOT AS SESSION REQUIREMENTS. 

4- YMCA Branch Workers- please indicate the BRANCH NAME when signing up...we understand there is a friendly competition going on between branches...THANK YOU

5- Those who sign up to work at Opening Ceremony MUST attend a MANDATORY ORIENTATION on Monday June 18th @ 6:30 p.m. If you cannot make the meeting, please do not sign up to work at Opening Ceremony

6- Please pay close attention to the session you are signing up for, we do not want anyone to miss their gymnast competing! 

There are some positions that are ESSENTIAL to run a meet. We reserve the right to pull individuals out of some areas to fulfill those that must be filled (ie. Timers, Gym Managers, etc...)

Report times for the Sessions will be added later this weekend, but you can get the general feel for the time if you follow the meet schedule. 

Please remember this is the LARGEST NATIONALS EVER and we will need all the help we can get!  Please do not be afraid to sign up for additional sessions if you desire...we would LOVE the extra help!  We also need to everyone to come with their BEST GYMCAT SMILES! We want to ensure this is a meet that will not be forgotten and will be talked about for years to come!  We KNOW we have the BEST parents out their, lets show everyone else and make Greater Toledo Gymcats proud!  

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to a Nationals Committee Executive Member for clarification.

Executive Members: 
Casey Koenig- Meet Director
Rob Koenig- Music, Vendor/Sponsor Coordinator. Legal
Missy Madigan (President and Meet Co-Coordinator)
Kim Frantz- Meet Co-Coordinator/ Senior Reception
Cindy Krotzer- Volunteer Coordinator
Jennifer Helton- Registration/Opening Ceremony Flag Coordinator
Sandra Miller- Decorations/Lucky Charms
Stacie Wachowiak- Coaches/Judges Hospitality
Craig Frantz- Scoring
Nikki Eitle- Scoring
Becky Byrd- Awards
Angela & Craig Smith- Equipment
Michele & Rob Wilson- Equipment
Susie Gardner- ProShop and Vendors
Susan Luce- Finance 
Kelly Cieslica- Program
Dagne Kovacs- Goodie Bags