Greater Love Reformed Baptist Church

   ...Thy Word is Truth- (John 17:14)

We invite and Welcome You ! No matter who you are you are welcome to worship with us and enjoy our fellowship. In fact we welcome any and all people regardless of where you are in life you are invited be with us and experience the warmth and love as we welcome you into our community. You are more than welcome to explore all we have to offer and give, as we share our church experience to any and all.  

Our Vision. We believe that a small church with God and a great love  for others will change the world for Christ. Our desire and mission is to brighten the culture with the love of the gospel of Jesus Christ. So that lives will change for the better, communities transformed to greatness, and families strengthened for a greater purpose and joy.

Our Worship. Our worship service is based on what we believe rather than on our preferences or cultural fads. Our desire is that our worship be conformed to God's will. Our prayer is that the time you spend worshiping God with us will be meaningful and life changing as you experience the Father's grace in Jesus . As we enjoy ourselves in worship, it is our firm conviction that God is active as He dwells in the midst of His people in worship. While we come to serve him in our prayers and praise He gives His word by the Holy Spirit in the beauty of worship.