About Me

I, Smt Shobha Rani (Pandey) congress worker from Langerhouse, Hyderabad.

I am a devoted, sincere, loyal worker of secular congress party of India. Having influenced faith in Nehru-Gandhi family, I have named my established school in the name of Indira Gandhi as “Indira Grammar School”. My intentions is in doing as to perpetuate the name of most powerful, successful first women Prime Minister of India.

I Joined the congress party in 1986, Most of the time I have spend on social work, women counseling, women empowerment, fight for their rights, identifying social evils, raising voice against them, working for the backward classes, solving local area problems, infrastructures, schemes, loans, pensions, educational etc.

I have not only participated but discharged the work, assigned by President of P.C.C and city Congress Committee an successfully to the utmost satisfaction of party cadre my-self spontaneously organized Bandhs, Dharnas, Rastaroko rally, Hungerstrike against atrocities of the T D P government during Y.S.Rajashekar Reddy’s padha-yathra, I have motivated and mobilized hundreds of women and made them to participate in padha-yathra.

I have protested against the electricity policy of the  T D P Government at vidut-soudha.

As per the directions of PCC being a Karwan constituency mahila president I have enrolled 90% of mahilas as congress members and made membership enrollment program a grand success.

Celebrated late Rajeev Gandhi Jee, punyathithi balidan divas every year reverently. I have organized blood donation camp every year and made many members to donate blood, so that it may keep the needy poor people alive.

Made women’s to participate in the birthday celebration of Mahatma Gandhi Jee, Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi Jee, Rajeev Gandhi Jee, Sonia Gandhi Jee with much enthusiasm and devotion.

Collected application forms from poor and downtrodden old women for old age pension processed and forwarded scholarships application of S.C, S.T and B.C students studying in my school.

Established mahila mandal in the name of Indira Gandhi (Indira Mahila Mandal) propagated the welfare schemes sponsored by the Congress Government for the welfare of women of S.C, B.C. collected application forms and sent to officer conserned for sanction pursued banks to advance loan to women for schemes sponsored by women finance corporation.

Identified the women participated in social activities from all over A.P adjusted some of them as “Best” Felicitated them on “International Women’s Day”

I am proud and lucky for having worked under the guidance of Dr. Y.S.R; and D. Srinivas when they were presidents of PCC emulated there experience and zeal towards party. I have carried the messages to public and implemented

I have done my best job to words society after formation of our government in 2004 till 2009.


· Participated in sangharsh of people in Bapughat nager area (since military officials noticed them to empty their houses as their houses were in premises of military area), I took their voices near defense, C.M- Office, Ministers, collector, R.D.O etc.

· Since I am associated with many women organizations and also The President of Indira Mahila Association therefore most of the time I have worked for downtrodden women`s , there rights, for an ideal society which may satisfy the basic needs of the people and my sincere attempt for women empowerment, identifying social evils, rising voice against them and working for back ward classes

· I have campaign in The Assembly by-elections for Sri.D.Nagender from Asif Nager constituency.

· I was appointed as protocol in charge to C.W.C during plenary sessions.

· I have participated in Dandi Yatra on 65th of Mahatma Gandhi Ji Jayanthi.

· Participated in padyatra organized by P.C.C Sri. Keshav Rao in telangana region to eradicate nexalizm along with followers.

· As, I am The President of All India Rajiv Gandhi Vichar Manch under its banner, I have worked actively and organized Blood-donation camps in many areas, one of it was also organized in Gandhi Bhawan, where His Excellency The Governor of Andhra Pradesh as Chief Guest and E.X M.P Sri Shashi Bhushan as Guest of honor were Invited.

· I have campaign in M.P by-elections for Sri.Jeevan Reddy in Kareebnagar constituency.

· I have forwarded the representations for Roads, Electricity and water supply to the ministers, local M.L.A, Collector, etc. In our Karwan constituency (and got success in it).

· I have also forwarded the representations for pensions of handicapped, old age, and widows to R.D.O/M.R.O in my constituency and they have successfully received it.

· Being the member of Inti Inta Indiramma Padakam in which I have done my work successfully in Langerhouse division area in this program our committee members went to each and every house and listen to their problems apart from this we have also forwarded their application forms of schemes like houses, pensions, roads, drain, water facility etc.

2008 - In charge for campaign at (Musheerabad Constituency Smt.Maniamma).