Great Chesterford Village is a village in Essex in England. Some of my ancestors had lived there up until the late 19th century before immigrating to Australia. The village has a railway station that connects to London, however my model railway has no similarity to the real thing. It is purely fictional in railway terms.

   Little Bardfield is an area very near to Great Chesterford and the name has a family connection. Bamford is another family connection although the real Bamford is actually up in the north east nearer Manchester.
   The building of the  railway was started in April 2013. Firstly a room had to be built, lined and painted. The room is 4 metres x 3 metres with a doorway located centrally at one end. The room also has a low wall which projects at an angle into the centre of the room. That wall supports branch line station Bamford and effectively divides the room.
   See the  Track Plan

    The track will leave the room from Great Chesterford Junction  and travel around an adjoining room where it will then  re-enter the railway room on the opposite side and pass through Little Bardfield branch line station. The track then passes behind Bamford and out through the wall at the opposite end of the room and into another adjoining room. The track circulates that room and re-enters the railway room where it terminates at Bamford branch line terminus.

   The image below shows some of the track that has been completed. It has been glued to a carpet underlay base. The baseboard joins have the rails cut and soldered to PCB sleepers.

Track laying well under way

   The railway will be an analogue system utilizing Cab Control for train operations. Most of my rolling stock will fit into an era between the early 1950`s and late 1960`s.
    The majority of the points will be operated by a manual system that I have developed and the remainder  Fiddleyard area  will use Peco point motors .

   A blow by blow account of the whole process can be viewed on Your Model Railway Club forum by following the link View Build

   The pic below shows the turntable built from a Dapol kit