Become a Paddle Leader in 3 easy steps!


1.  Make some decisions-trip route, date, meeting time, underway time, whether there will be a shuttle or not, whether you want people to reply to you that they are coming or just show up.


2.  Once the decisions are made, write them up and email them to John so that he can put the paddle on the calendar and let everyone know through email.


3.  At the padde give a short safety discussion,
(SAFTY SKILLS COURSE IS REQUIRED) take volunteers for wing and sweep, and then off you go!


Most of all, have fun!
On Great Bay paddler trips participants must either be an ACA member and supply their ACA number OR sign a liability waiver and pay a $5 per paddler fee. The fees are forwarded to the American Canoe Association. Waiver forms are available on the club’s website and we request you download it, read it and complete the waiver prior to arriving at the check-in.