Freeware GPS Review 



Presentation ** - Nav4All is very menu-driven and text-oriented. It also has extremely long menu screens filled with options. A little bit more folder organization would be a big plus. However, each option has a number assigned to it, so once you learn those numbers, it's not near as bad.

Location Searching ***** - Nav4All uses list searching, similar to amAze, where as you search, it builds a list of commonly used keywords, so you can easily search for the same place again. It also has two presets, one for Home and one for Office, so you can easily navigate to your most-used places. In addition, there is a "Set Parking Spot" option, so (if you have a phone

Directions **** - One of the things I like about Nav4All is that not only does it tell you when to turn and whatnot, but it will also show how many lanes are on the road, to further help you. It's also very quick to find a new route when you get off track.

Map View **** - The map view is pretty similar to amAze's. Again, your indicator moves across the screen, rather than staying in the middle, but it's still useful.  

Average Rating: ****

Pros: Nav4All also has an online service, but again, you can't import addresses from Microsoft Outlook through it. The best part of Nav4All is that you can select from over 50 different languages/voices for the navigation.

Cons: Menu setup is a bit wordy.