Freeware GPS Review 




Presentation * - MgMaps' claim to fame is that they can plot your position onto a Google Maps looking map via GPS. You're greeted with a plain screen telling you to press Options to see them. For an idea of how this app works, think Google Maps Mobile.  

Location Searching **** - This is MgMaps' strength. They use Google Maps Mobile as a starting point, so you get the great in-depth search and directory of Google. Hard to complain about that. Plenty of POI and when you locate whatever you're searching for, there's usually also a phone number.  

Directions * - You can get directions to and from a search result, but that's it. There's no turn-by-turn directions, which really sucks, and makes it kinda pointless. Personally, I'd rather just use Google Maps Mobile, as I can usually figure out where I'm at on my own. I guess this would be good for you if you'd rather have your GPS position on there.

Map View ***** - Again, being based around Google Maps Mobile, MgMaps has the best maps around. You can do a traffic overlay, as well as satellite view. Really hard to complain about that.

Average Rating: ***

Pros: The maps and searching/directory are top-notch.

Cons: No turn-by-turn direction options