Freeware GPS Review 



Presentation ***** - amAze is obviously the most visually pleasing app of the three. It's very colorful and easy on the eyes. Also, menus are kept short, for ease of use while driving. 



Location Searching **** - amAze has a very intuitive address search function, allowing you to select mostly from drop-down lists, which make it easy to use while driving, again. You can also pull up a list of most recent search results, as well as manage a list of favorites. 

Directions *** - I found amAze to be slow in determining a route, especially if you get off track and it must find an alternative.

Map View **** - The map view is very detailed and in 2D, which makes it easy to see as much map as possible. Also, the GPS position indicator moves across the screen, which makes it difficult to follow at time. 

Average Rating: ****

Pros: There is an online community setup around amAze, which I did not get to test the depth of. I did note that it does NOT allow you to import addresses from Microsoft Outlook. 

Cons: No language options