DNA Testing

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 2010 GRCA National Specialty

The Golden Retriever Foundation needs Canine and Human volunteers at the National Specialty to help with the DNA collection and paperwork.

 The Golden Retriever Foundation, GRCA, The Broad Institute, and OFA need Canine volunteers for the National Specialty Canine DNA Drive.  Cheek Swab and/or blood samples are needed to populate OFA’s DNA database.  Blood samples submitted to The Broad Institute will be used for research in cancer and hereditary diseases.

 The Golden Retriever Foundation has authorized funding to pay for the OFA submission fee for Golden Retriever samples collected at “mass collection clinics”.  Through this grant from GRF, there will be no fee to the owners for submitting blood or cheek swab samples.  There is no charge to donate blood to The Broad Institute.

 A booth will be set up in the main show site, vendor area, on Tuesday, September 28, from noon to 4PM, and on Wednesday and Thursday, Sept. 29-30 from 9AM to 4PM.  In addition, we will be setting up during some of the Field events to encourage dogs entered in those events to participate.  

Veterinarians, Technicians, dog holders, paperwork specialists and people to label samples are all needed for this continuing effort.  We will be teaming up with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and volunteers from the Broad Institute for this effort.  We will also be collecting samples for Optigen’s PRA testing.

** Special requests **   The Broad Institute would like to update any dogs that have previously submitted samples.  They also need samples from any dog with cancer and/or hereditary disease.  These samples are of the utmost importance as are those from healthy dogs over 5 years of age without cancer or hereditary disease.

 Anyone able to help or willing to donate blood or cheek swabs from their dog is urged to contact Mike Lappin at anidoc@intercape.com to let him know.  You may download and print consent forms, to bring with you, from the Golden Retriever Foundation web site.

 Even if you can donate one hour of your time you will be assisting with this valuable research tool.

 You and your dog can make a difference.

Prcd-PRA Testing Information

This year, once again, GRF is generously combining its ongoing DNA blood collection project with the additional service of collecting blood samples for prcd-PRA testing by Optigen LLC. Optigen is offering a substantial discount on this test for samples collected at our special clinic.


The cost of the test will be $136.50 per dog, with the GRCA “super clinic” discount. You get 5% discount for ordering online; and an additional 25% by submitting your samples as part of the clinic. There will be no charge for blood drawing and shipping, as that is being underwritten by the Golden Retriever Foundation. This should save everyone about $70 per dog over the cost of testing dogs individually.


Samples will be accepted from all breeds that use the prcd-PRA test. So, tell your friends at your all-breed clubs. Cheek swabs can also be brought for dogs not attending the Specialty. See further details below.


WHERE & WHEN: (both DNA collection & prcd-PRA collection)

Field Trial:

Saturday, Sept. 25 – 10 AM to 1 PM “The Pumphouse” on Field Grounds
Saturday, Sept. 25 - 5 PM to 7 PM Stillroven Clubhouse at Field Trial Grounds

Show Site (GRF Booth)

  • Tues., Sept. 28: noon to 4 PM
  • Wed., Sept. 29: 9AM to 4 PM
  • Thurs. Sept. 30: 9 AM to 4 PM


NOTE: The GRF booth will be in the Great Hall, with vendors and grooming area nearby.


No specific appointment time is required, but we will be asking you to tell us in advance which location you will be attending. This will help keep the paperwork in order.


Complete information is available from Gerry Clinchy, G.Clinchy@gmail.com <mailto:G.Clinchy@gmail.com> and on the GRF website www.goldenretrieverfoundation.org