General Chair Barbara Branstad
Conformation Kemah Plusk
Obedience/Rally Joanne Bartley
Kay Walker
Field Trial Susan Faulkner
Kathy Fregelette, Head Marshall
Chuck Wheeler, Trial Sec’y
WC/WCX Kathy Frizell
Agility Warren Frizell
Tracking Freda Thiel
CCA Carol Hanft
Parade of Titleholders Kathy Bourland
Fundraising Coordinator Kathy Bourland
Treasurer Angela Berkheimer
Hospitality Anne Shannon
Laurel Shaw
Jean Herbert
Deb Carter
Gloria Hale
Trophies & Ribbons Vickie Carson
Catalog Cindy Partridge
Grounds Mark and Jennifer Grossnickle
Judges’ Gifts Bruce McLean
Silent Auction/Raffles Ron Plusk
Sales/Merchandise Deb McCormick
Vendors Mardee Kayser
RSVP  Deb Ascher
RV’s Jennifer & Mark Grossnickle
Promotion/PR Leslie Blythe