A bridge program to help beginners practice their counting skills

 import and play PBN games too...

Download Count 0.1 Beta here: Count 0.1 installer

Here are some of the program's capabilities:

You may be wondering why you can play a deal using cards with no ranks. The reason is simply to allow the user to concentate on the distributions without worrying about winning tricks or making contracts. Its like playing 7NT, and you make every time!

Playing a deal with a regular deck is more realistic in that the opps can win tricks. However there is no contract involved, so again there is no distraction regards making contracts.

Improving your counting skills is a difficult process for new players, and the quality of your play will usually decrease as you are learning this skill. My purpose in writing this program was to allow you to develop and practice your technique without all the inherent distractions of real play; practise here instead of at the table!

I hope this program is of some value to you.
Have fun!