Valediction to Jeremy Gray

A meeting to mark Jeremy Gray’s retirement from the Open University and to celebrate his many achievements


Thursday 11 September – Friday 12 September 2014


Mercure Parkside House, Newport Road, Woughton on the Green, Milton Keynes MK6 3LR 


Snezana Lawrence (Bath Spa) ~ History of Mathematics lessons for Mathematics Education 

Umberto Bottazzini (Milan)
 ~ Mathematics and politics: the Italian case 

Karine Chemla (Paris) ~ "Measuring the circle on the sea-mirror" 

Leo Corry (Tel Aviv) ~ The interaction between arithmetic and geometry in the Euclidean tradition: a longue durée issue in the historiography of mathematics (if there ever was one) 

Niccolò Guicciardini (Bergamo) ~ On Newton’s mathematical manuscripts: disciplinary boundaries, writing practices, and styles 

Erhard Scholz (Wuppertal) ~ ‘Localizing’ the geometry of special relativity: Why Cartan and Weyl posed their new ’problem of space’ differently 

Moritz Epple (Frankfurt) ~ Another look at mathematical modernism: Felix Hausdorff on dimension 

Jesper Lützen (Copenhagen) ~ Geometry, forces and models 

June Barrow-Green (OU) ~ GD Birkhoff and Poincaré’s ‘Last Geometric Theorem’ 

Jeremy Gray ~ Klein’s Galois theory: underneath the icosahedron

Supported by

London Mathematical Society International  Commission on the History of Mathematics
British Society for the History of Mathematics The Open University