Kendra Hall

Kendra’s Bachelor of Science in Education from Temple University, along with her many years in the horse industry has allowed her to become the trainer, instructor, and competitor that she is today.

Focusing on foundations, fairness to the animal, and the importance of the journey, Kendra’s patient ways enhances each student’s ability to understand the concepts of what they are trying to achieve with their horse. 

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After spending her childhood riding and her teen years eventing, Kendra attended Temple University for Elementary and Early Childhood Education. She went back to her original passions after college to work at Blue Hill Farm in 1990 where her riding became primarily focused on dressage. For four years, she worked with professionals Jessica and Missy Ransenhausen and Todd Flettrich. While working as a Kindergarten teacher, she continued her dressage education working with professionals including Paul Belasik and Laurie Jolliffe. 

In 1996, Kendra and her sister started Graystone Equestrian Center. In the following years, she acquired her own horses in training and clients which gave her the opportunity to compete and gain valuable show experience at various levels. In addition to building her clientele at Graystone, Kendra took every opportunity to clinic and work with several professionals including Cesar Parra, Sahar Hirosh, Todd Flettrich, Kathy Adams, and Hank Hutson.

More recent accomplishments: 

2001 ESDCTA 3RD Level Champion on Castle Rock 

2008 LVDA Training Level Year End Champion on Spectacular 

2008 LVDA First Level Year End Champion on Fabulous Fred 


Lehigh Valley Dressage Association Team Coach 2005 thru 2009 

2013, 2014 and 2015  Coach for Huntington Valley Hunt Pony Club dressage team


Kendra furthers her education by attending clinics, symposiums, and being involved in local equine organizations.

"She's patient and articulate as she delivers results to riders and horses in her training program. She can train from the basics to FEI levels. I've had many an 'ah hah' moment with Kendra. I finish my lessons with more progress and knowledge than I began them with, this resulting in a huge confident smile on my face."  -- L. Anderson