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Republicans (GOP) vs. Democrats (DNC)

Republicans (GOP)
Republicans want less government spending and a smaller national government. 

Republicans also want to lower taxes on everyone, not just poor people.


Democrats believe in bigger government and more spending to expand government.

Democrats also believe in lowering the taxes on the poor, and increasing taxes on the rich.


Democrats lean towards a powerful federal (national) government to keep America safe and and ensure equality for all.

Republicans lean towards people looking after themselves and their neighbors under small federal government and strong state governments.



  • Democrat- Would like to decrease military spending, and strengthen international organizations like NATO and the UN.
  • Republican- Would rather have a strong military.

Gun Control

  • Democrat- Guns should be restricted.
  • Republican- Guns should be available to law-abiding citizens.

Global Warming

  • Democrat- Americans should change their lifestyle to help battle global warming.
  • Republican- Climate change may be real but it's probably natural and it shouldn't be a big priority to fight global warming.

Gay Rights

  • Democrat- Usually for gay rights and sees it as OK for some to be with who they choose.
  • Republican- Usually hold the view that marriage should be between a man and a woman.

Minimum Wage

  • Democrat- Believes a living wage above the poverty line should be given.
  • Republican- Believe that free market should determine wages.

Death Penalty

  • Democrat- Does not believe a life should be taken as punishment.
  • Republican- The death penalty can be necessary.


  • Democrat- The most taxes should go to those with the most money.
  • Republican- Believes that taxes should stay low to benefit the economy and believes in tax cuts.


  • Democrat- Government should be as big as it needs to be.
  • Republican- Government should be as small as possible!

Flag Burning

  • Democrat- It should be allowed due to freedom of speech.
  • Republican- Should not be allowed because that's not what the constitution intended.

Illegal Immigration

  • Democrat- Illegal immigrants should be given a way to get their citizenship.
  • Republican- Illegal immigrants should return to their home country and wait their turn to enter the USA legally.


  • Democrat- The government should enforce a separation between church and state.  Religion does not belong in government affairs.  No prayer in schools, no prayer at high school football games, etc.
  • Republican- America is a nation with Christian values.  Religion should be celebrated, not suppressed.  Students should be free to express their religion.


  • Democrat- Students should attend the nearest school to their home.
  • Republican- Students should be allowed to choose which school they attend.


  • Democrat- All high school students should be given the opportunity to attend college, and the government should help pay if necessary.
  • Republican- College is not for everybody.  Our government should not be helping students pay for college.


  • Democrat- It should be the woman’s choice.  The government should keep its hands off women's bodies.
  • Republican- The government should protect the unborn child’s life.