The two resource in this section had the most impact on Grayson's Life.
The DT trainer was introduced to us by a beloved friend of Grayson's. She gave us an earlier version than the current DT Trainer. Now, even more so than before it is still an affordable technology based program to help Autistic children and others.
I was fortunate enough to meet with the President of the DT trainer shortly after my sons passing. I can write that the man and the company AES is dedicated to help those with Autism. I told him that it was one of the special things that Grayson and I did together. It helped me at times, to know how to help my son.
Go to the Grayson Sherrell page and look at the videos. It shows Grayson and me, his dad in front of computer making clips for the DT and/or AT Trainer.
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