1 st Annual Grayson 's Summer Days

posted Jun 24, 2009, 6:32 AM by Roger Sherrell   [ updated Jun 24, 2009, 6:59 AM ]

1st Annual Grayson's Summer Days 
 - JUNE 20th -
Judy and Kara's
Fundraiser Party in celebration and in memory of Grayson's Birthday raised...

"A Beautiful Day" 

posted by Janice Sherrell

Yes, this is taken straight from the U2 song. But when the DJ played it last  night, it fit like a glove.

Friends Judy & Kara planned and perfectly executed a picnic/benefit for the Grayson Foundation. The timing was perfect as Grayson would have turned 7 on June 25th. The weather was perfect, if just a bit hot & sticky, the food was just right, the music was great (see Roger Sherrells page for details on the awesome DJ), and the people were incredible. In addition to family, friends and co-workers, there were folks in attendance who didn't personally know Donna & Roger, but did know about Grayson and wanted to be a part of this event. As one woman told me, you can't be a parent and not be terribly affected by this story, whether you know those involved personally or not.

At one point, I was sitting on the back deck and witnessed: a serious game of corn hole being disrupted by Nick & Mahala while they worked in concert with each other to steal the bean bags; groups of people talking and laughing; an occasional '80s era dance move by someone that had us all in stitches; kids running through a sprinkler; a lot of off-key and too loud singing along with songs that showed our age. It was a scene from a Lifetime movie...a moment of perfection. A beautiful day.

But then to consider the reason for this gathering...it's almost too much to bear. That the 1 year anniversary of Graysons death, August 8th, is around the corner and will come too fast. A whole year without my beautiful nephew; of heartbreak for Donna and Roger.

I used to feel conflicted (and still do sometimes) at times when I am happy, laughing and lovin' life while there is tragedy/sadness/despair in the background. That somehow enjoying the good of life when others are suffering is somehow, disrespectful. But I know that God intends for us to have a good life, a full and satisfied life. This, in spite of the bad things. That He will bring good from tragedy, and that embracing the good DOES NOT mean that we are "OK" with the tragedy. Constantly looking forward without forgetting what is behind.

Please go to http://graysonfoundation.net Learn about Grayson, not just about his death, but about his life. Lots of newspaper articles have been written about him, his love for life and for others. Support this cause; support those affected by autism. Donate if you can; consider playing golf this fall when the tournament comes around. But most of all, don't forget.

I miss you so much Grayson.


An amazing man with an amazing wife. David was so loving towards our family and friends of the Grayson Foundation. His genuine love and generous contribution of performing at the celebration is unforgettable. Please consider David Bishop for further promotions and/or events. His music can only be surpassed by the wonderful sound of his heart. Thank you David and Jeanette.  

David Bishop - dj - Grayson Fondation- Kara and Judy's                                                                                                                                Wow! What! Amazing! This is an awesome video of DJ David Bishop melting the tracks on the ones and twos. The day was an amazing day. The sun and sunset were amazing. All the people that came... AMAZING! You have to love an amazing afternoon party. More to come... more pictures...                                                                                                                                                      

Check out his video at: David Bishop - dj - Grayson Fondation- Kara and Judy's


Kara Murray and Judy Ramey  

Our son Grayson always had a great time whenever he went to visit Judy and Kara.  Now,  a whole lot of friends and family can say the same.  What an honor it was for us as his parents to be able to share with others a wonderful time.  This week, on the 25th would have been his 7th birthday and Judy and Kara wanted to do something special in his memory.  A party was thrown with a DJ, games, great food, and an awesome group of people who generously donated to the Grayson Foundation as well. "Thank you" hardly covers the gratitude we feel towards Judy and Kara for this absolutely AWESOME event.  We know Grayson loved you both and we do too!
Roger and Donna Sherrell

POSTED by. Roger Sherrell An Amazing Day yesterday. The Grayson Foundation had a special day celebrating the memory of Grayson's birthday. Our loving family and friends came and joined us at our beloved friends Kara and Judy's. Kara and Judy we love you. Thank you.

Roger Sherrell,
Jun 24, 2009, 6:59 AM