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Huge Utility Savings

posted Sep 14, 2011, 8:57 AM by Levi Gray
We had Grays Heating and A/C repair our air conditioning a few months ago. We were told our system is showing it's age (17 years old) and we asked for an estimate to replace the system aswell. We ended up choosing to stick with the repair that was made and the system ran better than it has for the last 5 years. After some thought, we had Gray's Heating replace our furnace and air conditioning and they credited us the full amount of our previous repair towards the cost of the new system.
What a change! The new system is so much quieter and keeps each room at nearly the same temperature. Even our hottest upstairs rooms are now comfortable. Also, our utility bill has dropped in half.
We are very happy with our purchase and recommend Grays Heating and A/C!