We do not have puppies at this time and recommend you contact the Weimaraner Club of America Breeder Referral to find a WCA Member breeder.

2018 litter plans:

Summer 2018:  We will be repeating the breeding CeCe, Multiple Best of Breed GCH Grayhart's Almost Famous, CD,BN, RN, ACT-1, CGCA, V, RL-1, to Cash, Multiple Group Placing MBISS BIM GCH Northwoods Applebees Run for the Money, JH, OA, AXJ, NRD, VX.

Late Summer:
Presley, Multiple Best of Breed, CH Grayhart's Another Star, JH, will be bred. Sire TBA.

Please contact us for a questionnaire and to get put on our waiting list for our next litter.  Priority is given to show/performance homes, however many puppies from each litter go to wonderful companion/family homes.  We prefer email contact (grayhartweimaraners@gmail.com) . Please note that we do not ship puppies as freight, all owners must come in person to pick up their pups.

Breeding is done on a limited basis, an average of one litter per year, usually to provide us with the next generation of Grayhart puppies.
Our puppies are raised in our house among our family.   
We shower them with lots of love and attention.  The pups will have been exposed to  different surfaces, stairs, the out-of-doors, water, kids, car rides and public places, and crate and potty training is started, before the puppies go to their new families’ homes at 8 weeks of age.  We utilize the “Bio Sensor” program for Early Neurological Stimulation and Early Scent Introduction. 
Our puppies' temperaments are evaluated using the Avidog Puppy Evaluation Test (APET) which provides us with a valuable information in matching puppies to new owners, analyzing each litter and providing new owners with guidance and insights regarding their puppy. It measures about 30 traits, from assertiveness with people and dogs to resiliency to prey drive to forgiveness. Our pups also undergo a conformation evaluation by respected breeders assessing structure and movement .
At Grayhart, the first obligation is to the puppy. 
We take great care in the placement of our pups and our goal for each puppy is to have it live its entire life in a loving home, with an appreciative family. 

We are always available to help with any concerns for the life of your new family member and love to hear about how they are doing.  Your feedback gives us vital information that we utilize in our breeding program.

All Grayhart puppies come with a contract and health guarantee. This is to protect you, our reputation as a breeder and most importantly, the puppy. All puppies sold as companion dogs are sold on a Limited Registration. 

Please "Contact Us" to find out when our next litter is planned and to be put on our waiting list. If we do not have puppies at that time, we would be glad to recommend another reputable breeder.



1. Take full responsibility for this dog and all of its needs for the next 10-14 years? This is NOT a task that can be left to children!

2. Invest the considerable time, money and patience it takes to train the dog to be a good companion? This does not happen by itself!!!

3. Always keep the dog safe; no running loose, riding in the back of an open pick up truck or being chained outside?

4. Make sure the dog gets enough attention and exercise? Weimaraners need several hours of both every day!!

5. Live with high activity and the need to be around people for the next 10-14 years.

6. Spend the money it takes to provide proper veterinary care including but certainly not limited to vaccines, heartworm testing and preventative, spaying or neutering and annual check ups? How about when the dog gets old and needs more care or surgery?

7. Become educated about the proper care of the breed, correct training methods and how to groom?

8. Keep the breeder informed and up to date on the dogs accomplishments and problems?

9. Take your questions to the breeder or other appropriate professional before they become problems that are out of hand?

10. Have the patience to accept and enjoy the trials of puppyhood, which can last for 2-5 years and each stage afterward?

11. Continue to accept responsibilty for the dog despite inevitable life changes such as new babies, kids going off to school, moving, divorce or returning to work?

12. Resist impulse buying, instead have the patience to make a responsible choice?

13. If you answered yes to ALL of the above you are ready to start contacting breeders. Start early because most responsible breeders have a waiting list ranging from a few months to a couple of years. Remember, the right puppy or adult dog IS worth waiting for!!!