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  Welcome to The Gray Area site for

Chris Daniel & Brad Giese, midday hosts

from CBS' Talk KIFR - San Francisco.  

Most recently, we've been on

KLSX - Los Angeles and KMJ - Fresno.

With that broad scope and all of the KIFR stuff that's here, we know you'll find something that you want for one of your stations.....even if it's this one:

This serves as the T&R demo for our show. Everything you would find in a mail-out package, you'll find here.  This way, it's nice and easy for you.  Also, our hastily edited audio, painstakingly chosen cd labels and pleather portfolio folders won't wind up in a bottom drawer along with a lot of other schmos who made 7 trips to Office Depot, too. 


   There are not a lot of bells and whistles

here.  We're not webmasters, though we're pretty good podcasters and bloggers.

More importantly, we wanted to keep it simpleWe love our show and don't want a lot of clutter to distract you.  So, with that,

enjoy, and thanks for spending some time in The Gray Area.