Pete's Garden (Potomac & Michigan)

  • Started in 2007
  • Features permanent mint and garlic beds, cherry trees, a plum tree, grape vine, blueberry bush, and two blackberry bushes
  • Includes long horizontal bed and 8 box beds
  • 2008's crop included: Parsley, basil, spinach, corn, tomatoes (cherry, Roma, Mr. Stripey, big boy), cucumbers, 2 kinds of onions, chives, oregano, 4 kinds of hot peppers, green peppers, eggplants, broccoli, beets, carrots, garlic, pumpkins, and gypsy peppers
  • 2009 Planting so far: Red, white, and yellow onions; peas; mustard, collard, and turnip greens; carrots; six kinds of lettuce; raddicio; artichokes; beets; raddishes; broccoli; spinach; garlic; cilantro; chamomile; tomatoes; eggplants; dill; (permanent and already greening-- oregano, chives, mint, plum tree, cherry trees, blackberry bushes)
Neighborhood Pride Garden (Potomac & Pennsylvania)
  • Abandoned for several years, adopted as part of the Gravois Park Gardens in 2007
  • Features permanent strawberry, lemon balm, and chamomile beds
  • Includes 8 giant box beds and 4 smaller box beds as well as 2 butterfly flower boxes around the signs
  • 2008's crop included: Tons and tons of green beans, zucchini, cantaloupe, lemon balm, chamomile, sunflower seeds, and radishes
  • 2009 Planting so far: sage, broccoli, chamomile; cucumbers; dill; lima beans; corn; watermelon; (Permanent and already greening-- lemon balm, strawberries) 

 Please e-mail the Garden Leader at gravois.park.gardens@gmail.com with comments or questions about the site or the gardens.
Alderman Craig Schmid is working on getting our gardens permanent fencing!  Yay!
Workday!  JUNE 28:
Sunday      9-12     Pete's Garden
Sunday      1-3       Neighborhood Pride Garden Sunday      
Any who come are welcome to use my house for potty and snacks, and I'll make bread for sandwiches if anyone's here over lunch. 
We need help/suggestions/materials for blackberry trellises.
The flowers are blooming in the Neighborhood Pride Garden!
Thanks to Marla for a grapevine trellis!

And just remember:
"Lightning bugs are miracles."
~Mordecai Stiebel
Gravois Park Gardens,
Feb 23, 2009, 1:14 PM