The show "Gravity Falls" is a basic, adventure/comedy cartoon. In this show, two kids, Dipper and Mabel, have been brought to their new home, "The Mystery Shack" for summer break. Strange things are constantly happening at the town of Gravity Falls. But there are more people at the Mystery Shack then just Dipper and Mabel, of course. The other characters that live and work at The Mystery Shack include: Dipper's and Mable's Gruncle Stan, Wendy, and Soos. Simple right? Wrong. You see, its always been a puzzle and mystery show. But...Theres more mystery and puzzle then anyone would ever think...



Various clues leading to the hidden and unknown secrets of Gravity Falls


Mysterious pictures that are difficult to find but explain more and more about Gravity Falls



Video proof found in the episodes of Gravity Falls


A chat room dedicated to clue and secret exchange

Codes and Symbols

A place for codes and symbols for figuring out what isnt easily understood



 Where you can contact the creator of this website for anything he may want to know