Cyber Black Friday 2011 -- Gravify Defying Shoes

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My wife got these as a review item for her blog and I was the test dummy. I really didn't have anything to compare these with because I had never owned a pair of running shoes before in my life. I wasn't a runner... yet. I had tried to get into running before and just didn't like it. I'd end up getting sore knees or shin splints and give up. I started using these shoes in my quest to get in a little better shape. I figured I'd use these for walking and maybe get a little running in once in a while. Well, Gravity defyer shoes really felt great on my feet and I soon was doing more running than walking. That was back in October 2010. Since then (about 7 months), I've logged 83 runs totaling more than 355 miles of running. That's an average of more than 4.25 miles per run all injury free.

In the last couple of months, my average per run has gone up to 6-7 miles. Gravity Defying Footwear still feel great and are holding up well even with my more recently acquired passion for trail running which involves more road hazards and mud.

As said before, I have nothing to compare these with. I just know that I used to dislike running and now LOVE it. If my feet and legs weren't being treated right, I don't think I would have lasted very long. When these boys wear out, I have every intention of buying another pair. Why mess with a good thing? Now, I need to get my hands on a pair of shoes.