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Dolphin Angling Centre

11/13 Queens St
DA12 2EQ

01474 355440

Score of lug = £3

Box of frozen Squid £2

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Catch Reports at the bottom of the page.

Local spots
 Place  Map Parking   Other Comments
Ship & Lobster to the Black Post

Park in Mark Lane area,head towards the river,walk past the Ship and Lobster pub and keep walking!!!!!!  
 Behind Halfords

Park in the main car park that serves the retail units and walk a short distance toward the river. Usually a stall selling Bacon sandwiches ETC in the B&Q part of the car park during the day and a 24hr Asda just over the road.
 Old AEI Cables Factory

.There is a small shop about 10mins away at the bottom of Pier Rd.
Where there is also plenty of parking available.
Access to the beach is via a number of ladders attached to the sea wall. You can't fish from the wall itself until about three hours from high tide. Usually Mullet and small Bass can be caught at low tide. Be prepared to loose a bit of tackle due to the snags on the shore.
 Royal Pier Rd

Pay and display car park a short walking distance away,plus on road parking available outside normal parking restriction times  
Where To Catch Grey Thick Lipped Mullet

Location Plus Map Information
AEI Cables.

Just off Crete Hall Rd and parking spaces available. To get to the shore you have descend a ladder fixed to the sea wall.  

Fish about 45mins after low tide,mullet only 2/3 ft from shore line and can be taken on floating bread crust. Superb sport but difficult to catch. Light tackle and landing net needed. Also possible to catch at high tide off the wall.
Best fishing May-September on warm day with plenty of sunlight and little wind.

 Canal Basin
During the summer can be seen swimming close to wall near to the yacht club.                                                                              

If you have any recent catch reports please send an e-mail to and we will post the details here.

Please title the e-mail "sea fishing catch report" and list details of the venue fished,date,time,tide,bait and fish caught. Also send any photos you have and we will post the information on the site.

Catch Reports

 Venue  Date Time  Tide   Bait  Fish Caught  Photo
 Crete Hall Rd3/8/11 13.30-15.30 2hrs Pre High Tide Lug  1 Eel 
Crete Hall Rd by the old AEI factory.
 23/11/10  11:30/14:00  2 hours up to HT
High tide reported to be at 13:46. All quiet after tide had stopped running.
 Lug  9 Whiting


 Royal Pier Rd 24/11/10    15.00 hrs  Best fishing occurred before high tide  Lug Approx 10 Whiting
and a small Bass 
Crete Hall Rd

11/12/10 14:00 Hrs   16.00 Hrs    Lug tipped with Squid Small Flounder & 2 Whiting
Halfords 7/1/2011
 13:00 Hrs
 16:00 Hrs
High tide for the two flatties, taken on Lug/Mackerel 
1 Whiting
2 Flatties
Dymchurch12/11/11  07:00 Hrs
12:30 Hrs
Fished Low Tide and Up.
Codling and Bass taken on lug squid Combi. Whiting going nuts after Sprats. 
Lug Squid and Sprats1 Codling
2 Bass
30 plus Whiting 
Halfords    20/11/11
 Fished upto high tide,one Whiting on lug and squid. Lost Five lots of tackle. Bites but small and a couple of knocks on the Sprats. Tidal flow to fast dragging weights off the bottom.Lug Squid & Sprats  1 Whiting 
 Halfords5/2/12 08:00Hrs
Fished 3 Hrs up and 1.5 down. All fish caught on the up-tide and all on lug & squid cocktail. All fish caught within 40 yards of wall.Lug Squid & Sprats4 Whiting & 4 Flounders  
 Halfords26/2/12 14.00Hrs
Fished two hrs up to high tide.
No Bites and majority of bait coming back untouched 
Lug and Sprats One small (Very) Dab  

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