Samboja Eco-Lodge in Borneo


Samboja Eco-Lodge & Create Rainforest Project


If you want to have a great holiday, but still to give something back to the environment and local people, then Samboja Lodge (Samboja Lodge) could be for you. Located just 40 minutes from Balikpapan, Indonesian Borneo, it is easy to access the Lodge, where you will be welcomed with a drink and tasty snack. The staff will even arrange for you to be picked up from the airport. Once there, there are many opportunities to get involved with the project (Create_Rainforest), which aims to reforest a large area of land that had been devastated by logging, fire and the subsequent spread of the alang-alang grass, with the long term goal of being a natural sanctuary for orangutan and other wildlife.

Although you may want to just relax when you arrive, and spend time gazing out at the growing forest, anticipating the next home-cooked local meal, only a few minutes walk away you can spend hours watching orangutans living on the protected islands, which cannot be released back into the wild due to certain blood disorders. Samboja Lodge is part of BOS International (Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation) and is most concerned with creating rainforest and protecting and reintroducing its natural wildlife, so even by staying in the luxurious suites, you can be safe in the knowledge that the profits are going to a worthy cause.

If you feel more energetic, there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer, whether planting trees or helping look after the sunbears, or honeybears as they are sometimes known, which have been rescued from captivity and are looked after in a large enclosure until enough forest is created for their return. From the Lodge, you can see the sunbears and a number of orangutans waiting for sufficient protected forest to be become available.

Samboja Lodge is a great experience for anyone interested in nature, conservation, or relaxing somewhere, while knowing that your hard-earned cash is going to a good cause. Despite being in such a rural area, the en-suite rooms are luxurious and complete with air conditioning.

Nearby are many opportunities for additional excursions, including seeing proboscis monkeys in the wild, jumping from tree to tree and also into the river.

It is also possible to arrange a trek into virgin rainforest with the hope of seeing wild orangutans. There are many Dayak tribal villages to be seen on another adventure up the Mahakam River.

Samboja Lodge is a rare treat away from the usual tourist trap, and is very different from your average orangutan sanctuary. Definitely worth a visit!


Below is the view of the re-generating forest from the eating area in the lodge. Wonderful bird calls..!