MEEP Field Trip

Merrimack Early Education Program (M.E.E.P.)

Preschool Visitors to the Grater Woods Town Forest/ Trail System- April 2011

All three preschool classes at Mastricola went on the hike through the Grater Woods Town Forest in the Spring of 2011.  Ms. Angi (Perron), Ms. Hope (Sette), and Mrs. Terry's classes thoroughly enjoyed their time in the woods. The link below will allow you to view the photo album of their hike. 

They spent the following week journaling and drawing about their experiences as well as looking through a collection of books about everything in the forest.  

Ms. Perron’s students drew a mural of their adventure. They included the brown bridge, a turtle on a rock, some birds and bees, some lily pads (which were red when they were there) and the beaver den.

A fun time was had by all!

Follow the link for pictures from the M.E.E.P. hike.