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Forest Management Plan

The main goal of the Merrimack School Department is to maintain the property as open space forest land, and manage it for long term sustainable forestry.

This management plan can best be summed up in terms of a multiple use concept, meaning there is an interest in managing the forested properties for a variety of uses, including timber production, wildlife habitat, water quality and recreation.




  • Prepare the forest management plan.
  • Blaze and paint identifiable boundary lines.
  • Determine the appropriate time to conduct a timber harvest.



  • Conduct a timber harvest.
  • Construct an outdoor “classroom” for the school children.
  • Seed and lime the landing areas at the conclusion of the timber harvest.
  • Monitor the woodlot for wind damage, ice damage, fire, or disease and take  appropriate corrective actions as needed to ensure the continued health of this forest block.
  • Re-assess the woodlot in 10 years and write a new 10-year management plan.
Updated 2/14/2010
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