Trail Construction Timeline

Fall 2007- The trail system was closed during these phases of renovation.

            Phase I – the existing trails were cleared and new trails were cut

            Phase II –the 4,660 foot trail was constructed by removing stumps and rocks from

                            cleared areas and placing them in pits or along the side of the trail

            Phase III –the trails were seeded, limed and fertilized 

Winter 2007-2008

            Phase IV- 3 bridges were designed and constructed by the Friends of Grater Woods
Spring 2008

            Phase V – 90 flowering tress and shrubs were planted by student volunteers to enhance the

                               wildlife habitat

Summer 2008

             Phase VI - the property around the Grater Woods trails was logged

                            - a culvert was added to redirect water on the main trail

Fall 2008

             Phase VII - the fourth bridge was designed and constructed

                             - fall cleanup was completed

                             - the ridge trail was redirected and marked

Winter 2008

             Phase VIII -naming all trails within the Grater Woods Town Forest has begun

                               -maps will be updated as soon as naming of the trails is complete


Updated 4/12/12