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Trail Construction/Maintenance

Trail Descriptions

Main Trail

 The Grater Woods Trail System is a looped, non-motorized trail that is 4,660 feet in length. The trail system abuts 480 contiguous acres of town owned land managed by the Merrimack Conservation Commission (MCC) and is known as the Grater Woods. It follows an old logging road for most of its length but has been widened, smoothed and seeded. At the far end by the beaver pond, an old portion has been closed and a new trail created that connects to another logging road, creating a returning loop. A short connecting trail has been added at the far end of the ball field. It also provides access to other trails in the Grater Woods Trail System.


Side Trails

There are currently two smaller trails that follow old logging paths away from the loop. These side trails emerge onto the logging road created in the late summer of 2008. 


The Ridge Trail can be accessed from two points. The first is from Madeline Bennett Lane directly across from the MMS school sign. The second access is off the main trail.


 As you pass the marsh on the main loop, the Sports Spur branches to the right across a bridge and proceeds up a hill to the main logging road. 
Updated 2/14/2010