Now that the recall is over, Progressives are wondering "What Now?"  Please share your ideas on our Blog.

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We know that Koch and AFP are pumping mega-sums into Walker’s treasury, paying for glossy and expensive TV ads. We have another idea – “Grassroots TV”.

You can buy blank yard signs and H-wires in bulk at a cost of less than $2.50 for a set. On each sign, the homeowner can put “Grassroots TV” at the top. Underneath, they can print an outrage that Walker and the Republicans have perpetrated on the people of Wisconsin since January, 2011. That list is long, but Wisconsin has a lot of lawns! 

The impact of circulators willing to stand in the cold for signatures was enormous. The impact of yard signs in 2 million yards documenting Walker’s outrages is marvelous to imagine. 

We deeply resent Walker’s remarks that his recall is due to “millions of dollars coming in from out of state”. We are lifelong Wisconsinites in our mid-70s. We stood in the cold for hours on end, day after day. Our efforts and those of our friends and neighbors made history. 

A “Grassroots TV” campaign, created and executed by Wisconsin residents, will make that history even more visible. It will honor this home-grown movement. It will stand in vivid contrast to Walker’s out-of-state millions. It will be a source of pride for citizens in all corners of the state. It might even make local and national news. And, it will cost less than $2.50 per lawn.

How can you create your own GrassRoots TV campaign?"

      Here's how we did it: 
  1. We began with foam board, stencils, and permanent markers.  Click here for a suggested supply list.  Foam board works well if you're going to be holding up signs at public events.  It will stand up fairly well in your yard, too, but it does warp some.
  2. For yard signs, we ordered 50 blank "coroplast" signs and 50 H-wires from ABC Signs. Delivery came within less than a week.  With shipping, each set (sign & wire) cost $4.00.
  3. Some folks have already bought one set.  Some have bought more than one.  Why more than one?
    • There are 6 weeks until the June 5th election
    • Some will put out a new sign each week.
    • Some will put out a new sign and give the previous one to someone else to display, perhaps in a different area of the community 
    • Some will add a new sign each week, leaving the previous sign displayed.

              4.   If there are people who want a sign but are unable to make one themselves,  we're prepared to do it             for them.

    • We want signs in strategic, high-traffic places.
    • We want as many different outrages in public view as we can get.

        What will you put on your signs?

  1. Two of Scott Walker's outrages, one on each side of your blank sign.  We hope you'll put GrassRoots TV at the top.  It will help to spread the idea.  
  2. If you have extensive frontage on a county road, you could create a Burma Shave-type display. 
  3. If you lack the frontage, but have willing volunteers, those Burma Shave-type signs can be held during morning and evening rush hours on the public roadside.