Hints and FAQs

This site, valid as of 2009, is a heritage site expressly maintained to support the Mathematica versions and explorations leading up to the publication of Grassmann Algebra Volume 1 in 2012, now available in print form on Amazon.

The current support site for the book Grassmann Algebra Volume 1, (and eventually Volume 2) is grassmannalgebra.com. From grassmannalgebra.com you can explore Volume 1 in detail and download the latest version of the GrassmannAlgebra package. You can also download theĀ GrassmannCalculus package. Both work with the latest versions of Mathematica.


The most common cause of confusion in using the package
is to keep correct track of the algebraic environment in which you have chosen to work: the basis (and hence dimension of the space), the symbols that will be treated as scalars, and the symbols that will be treated as vectors (or more generally, 1-elements). This environment is set initially as a default (which you can see displayed in the preferences fields at the top of the palette when you load the package), or you can set it from the Preferences pane on the palette. The preferences fields will update automatically when you change preferences, so it is a good idea to check these fields first if something is not behaving correctly, as many of the GrassmannAlgebra functions rely on these settings.


How do I install the package and get started? Unzip your package download and open the ReadMeFirst file. This will give you detailed directions on how to install the package in Mathematica, and how to get started using it.

I have installed the package in Mathematica. Where is the GrassmannAlgebra Palette? Go to Palettes in the Mathematica menu. If the package has been installed in the correct place, you will find the GrassmannAlgebra Palette there.

How do I load the package? The easiest way is to click on the GrassmannAlgebra button at the top of the palette. You should see the dynamic preferences panes change to show the default preferences for the basis and scalar and vector symbols.

How do I access the functions? All the functions and operations can be accessed from the palette. The palette has headings and sub-headings which you can open and close by clicking on the grey triangles. to enter a function in a notebook, just click on it.

Where is the Mathematica version of the book? The chapters of the Grassmann Algebra book can be opened by clicking on the ? buttons next to the chapters in the palette.

Where can I get help? Each heading, sub-heading and function on the palette is linked to a document called the Guide by a ? button next to it. Click on the ? button for help.

Where can I find some examples and tutorials? The Guide will give examples for each function and group of functions. The Grassmann Algebra Book will show examples of these functions in context.